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Eating red peppers can prevent heatstroke

The advantage of eating spicy in summer is that eating red pepper can prevent heat stroke.

Eating hot peppers on a hot day sounds like a crazy idea, but vitamin C and capsaicin peppers can effectively promote the discharge of sweat, help the body toxins, and thus reduce the temperature and prevent heat stroke.

Appropriate to eat spicy can appetizer.

Eat less pepper in the summer to appetite and help digestion.

Chili is spicy and irritating. No matter what dish, as long as it is served with chili, it is especially fragrant.

In the folk, peppers also have the reputation of “appetizers” and “under meals.”

Summer is very hot, people mostly have no appetite, do not want to eat, eat some pepper, you can promote appetite, appetite for dinner.

In summer, eat spicy except body moisture.

Eating spicy in the summer can also “dehumidify” the body.

Sichuan, Hunan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, why do people like to eat spicy, because those places have a climatic climate, and peppers have the function of dehumidification, which can drive out excess moisture in the body.

In summer, there is a lot of rain and heavy moisture. We can also eat some peppers, except for moisture.

Therefore, to eat chili in the summer, the key to pay attention to the amount, only eat a little, not too much.

The method of eating spicy in summer and the coarse grain supplemented with coarse grains are rich in fiber, which can prevent constipation caused by gastrointestinal heat.

Corn and sweet potatoes are a good choice.

In addition, glutinous rice can also be dried and dehumidified. If you porridge with lily, it would be better.

The reason why it is easy to get angry with cold food is because the hot pepper is hot. If you eat it with cool food, you can use heat to neutralize it.

Such as lotus root, bitter gourd, lettuce, tofu, fish, duck and so on are all good choices.

Drink plenty of water or soup after eating the appropriate drink.

It is easy to let our throat dry when eating spicy. At this time, we must replenish water in time.

When you are spicy, you can drink chrysanthemum tea, sour plum soup and other drinks.

If you really feel too spicy, drink some milk.

After the meal, eat sour fruits such as hawthorn, grapefruit, citrus, apple and pear. They contain starch acid, implanted fiber, etc., can stimulate the secretion of digestive juice, accelerate gastrointestinal motility, help moisturize yin and dryness.