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Eat peas often to enhance human immune function!

Eat peas often to enhance human immune function!

Peas, also called green beans and snow peas, have a round, fresh green appearance. They are used to make dishes that are both beautiful and delicious, and can increase appetite.

  Pea, Xing Ping Gan, has the functions of tonifying qi and tonifying the kidney, strengthening the spleen, and alleviating bloating and swelling. It can be used daily as a supplementary therapeutic food for diabetes and women with postpartum breast tenderness and milk.

Modern nutrition research has found that peas are rich in protein and contain 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, and regular eating can help strengthen the human immune function.

  Recommended food: Fried beef with peas and mushrooms Ingredients: 200 grams of peas, 100 grams of mushrooms, 200 grams of beef, and appropriate amount of condiments.

  Method: Soak the shiitake mushrooms in advance, shred them; wash the peas, blanch and drain; beef slices with clarified salt, raw flour and peanut oil and mix well; marinate the beef;Cook, add peas, stir fry until cooked, add beef, season and serve.

  Features: This dish is full of flavors and flavors, suitable for men, women and children, especially for people with diabetes.

How many meals a day is the most healthy?

How many meals a day is the most healthy?

Eating less and eating more is a healthy way of eating that we have always thought of.

Numerous studies have shown that the benefits of this diet are many, but new research is likely to reverse this view.

Researchers said that eating two meals a day is more beneficial to our health and prolongs our life.


hzh{display:none;}  相关的专家对老鼠的实验显示,每天对其限制食量、减少进餐次数,并且节食。Can prevent the occurrence of some diseases, and can extend the life of mice.

  Through the above dietary methods, experimental mice have shown stronger defenses against cardiovascular diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and myocardial infarction, and their stress resistance has been enhanced to a certain extent.

  A study by American experts has proven that reducing the amount of meals and intermittent fasting in experimental mice can effectively stimulate the increase in the content of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) in the brain of mice.

Studies have shown that BDNF can effectively improve the resistance of nerve cells to the natural aging of the body and enhance the ability to recover from injuries.

  Healthy adults reduce the number of meals, but not excessive amounts, vitamins and minerals.

With such a diet, the frequency of hypertension and most health parameters in the blood have not changed significantly.

However, if you only eat one meal a day, the trace content in the human body will be significantly reduced in a short time, the temper will deteriorate, and the blood pressure and blood cholesterol content will gradually increase.

  More research is needed on how the number of meals per day affects physical health, so it is ideal to maintain the current eating habits of four or five meals per day.

  Healthy eating must pay attention to eating more green fruits and vegetables, and high trace, high conversion diet should eat less, so as not to cause an excessive burden on our bodies.

Online dating eight notes

Online dating “eight notes”

People standing outside said that online dating is unbelievable, but in fact, it is only a way to make friends and communicate.
Just like the pen pals that prevailed at the time, the Internet itself is just a medium, and various stories derived from it as a platform, whether sad or happy, are not the fault of the Internet.
Successful online dating must be consistent with the characteristics of the medium itself-authenticity.
People who use this as a dating medium must also understand its laws and remember eight basic principles.
  One: The distance between the two parties is preferably no more than 100 kilometers. The same environment will make the two parties develop more smoothly after online dating, and make face-to-face communication and communication easier.
If you are dating online for the purpose of dating, it is best to choose the same city as yourself. After all, a beautiful love always develops from online to offline, and distance is always a big obstacle that cannot be avoided.
On the other hand, China Telecom and the Iron Boss will not reduce prices because of the poor lovers in the world. The aircraft would think, but the cost is too high.
  No. 2: Don’t open the door to see the mountain and ask for a meeting “Do you have a photo?
“You look so good.”
“Let’s meet.
“This is often the” three axes “of many men online.
  The current popularity of the Internet has made it a convenient communication platform that can be used by almost everyone, so people who meet online are also diverse.
There may be people who can go hand in hand, but there must be some people who just play in it.
Online dating is based on a deeper understanding and spiritual relationship with each other. Therefore, those who have proposed to meet and date as soon as they have met, at least cannot say that they have a more serious attitude towards each other’s interactions.
  之三:直接探听姓名住址电话的别深交   除非你对QQ那端的网友有了很深的了解,否则不要随意把自己的姓名、住址、电话或者任何可能影响到你自身安全的资料和盘托出,应切记”Don’t talk to strangers.”
The Internet is a game of the mind. Those who care about the most real “data” from the beginning must have bad intentions.
  No. 4: It is best to communicate by phone in front of you. The text can display some information and content such as personal character cultivation hobbies and so on, but it is a flat and thin means of information exchange after all.
Text-only web chats may become a way for some people to hide their identities.
The telephone communication before the meeting can at least determine the other party’s basic personal information, and also lay the foundation for further contact and make psychological preparations.
  Fifth: Prepare for the worst Don’t think about the worst, the man and woman in love cannot even accept that his or her lover is a mortal.
But he may be the humble man sitting on your left on the bus, or she may be the girl with acne across the road.
He dug booger, she yelled loudly.
Simply use the magic of love to reduce the image of a lover to the minimum standard, and a little bit of virtue can emerge.
Although nothing has changed in himself, the end of the story may change.
Don’t underestimate psychological warfare.
  No. 6: Don’t end up with the pursuit of perfection to make your feelings disease-free. You don’t need to face the trivial love in life, you can only confide in each other but you can’t meet the test of life together.
As a form of cultivating feelings, online dating always ends up returning to reality and deliberately avoids meeting. The biggest possibility is that both parties end up suffering, rather than the effect of platonic feelings.
  Seventh: Don’t choose too quiet places for meeting places 地点 Department stores, McDonald’s, crowded squares or online gatherings held on a website or forum, these are the best places for girls to meet netizens.
Popularity not only dilutes the embarrassment of meeting, but also prevents the unscrupulous satyr from making any wrongdoing.
Even if the other party proposed to go to a quiet place to “increase the mood”, they must be strictly rejected.
Remember, when you see in the day, you must wait for the sun to shine; when you see at night, you must at least have the lights on.
  No. 8: Be careful when you meet for the first time After all, meeting is the first step in the relationship from fantasy to reality. Therefore, no matter how sweet and intimate the relationship on the Internet is, there must be a process of adapting to each other.
At the same time, from a practical perspective, whether it is a man or a woman, proper restraint and caution in this situation can also protect themselves to the greatest extent.

Delicious talk talk

Delicious talk talk

Overeating, big fish and big meat, all day long, this Spring Festival has caused your body “too much sin” and it should be recuperated.

The following flavors are perfect for adjusting your body after the festival.

  Ingredients of Yipi porridge: 50 grams of barley, 15 grams of Poria, 25 grams of yam, 5 grams of raw hawthorn and rice.

  Production: Hawthorn denucleated, boiled with various herbs and rice to make porridge, can be eaten after seasoning.

  Efficacy: warming the spleen and kidney, digesting fat.

  Ingredients for Huazhi drink: 2 grams of roses, 2 grams of jasmine, 5 grams of chrysanthemum, 15 grams of tangerine peel, 10 grams of raw hawthorn, 5 jujubes, 0 ginger.

5 grams.

  Production: boil all the medicines with water, remove the residue and substitute for tea.

  Efficacy: regulating qi and phlegm, appetizing stagnation, weight loss and fat reduction.

  Uses: suitable for obesity, dizziness, heavy limbs, etc.

  Raw materials of mung bean and radish ravioli: 4 knots, 200 grams of mung beans, 125 grams of carrots, and an appropriate amount of xylitol.

  Production: Wash and soak the mung beans for 30 minutes and then filter dry; then wash the carrots and chop them into mud; use xylitol to mix the two materials for use.

After washing, use a knife to cut the end close to the tarsus, and leave the cut part as a cover. Put the mixed mung bean and radish puree into the burrow hole until it is full, and cover the cut part together.

Then insert it firmly with bamboo sticks, steam it over the pot, and slice it for cooling.

  Efficacy: strengthening the spleen and tonic, reducing blood lipids.

  Indications: Suitable for hyperlipidemia patients with spleen deficiency and dampness.

  Uses: This meal has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on patients with hyperlipidemia.

In the recipe, mung bean cold and heat are used to remove annoyance, and light and diuretic to reduce fat; carrots strengthen the spleen and stomach, reduce food stagnation, and are good vitamins for vegetables.

Li Shizhen said: “Xiaqi Buzhong, sterilizing the chest and sterilizing the five internal organs, is healthy and beneficial.

As for the glutinousness, it is cold and sweet, raw food is not greasy in addition to heat, cold blood does not leave blood stasis, cooked food can be appetizing and strengthening the spleen, and supplementing but not dry;

Observing the color can also reveal the cause

Observing the color can also reveal the cause

Observing stools is just as effective as a blood test to understand your condition.

Because stool is a mirror of the digestive system, it can reflect the characteristics of the disease.

In order to find the cause early, especially to prevent the disease, you don’t want to look back after having a bowel movement.

  Stool color is normal. Stool is yellow-brown and formed soft stools, usually 1-2 times a day.

  Asphalt-like stools: stools are pasty, bloody, odorless, black in appearance, and have an oily luster on the surface, like asphalt paving the road, which is a manifestation of upper digestive tract bleeding.

Stomach, duodenal ulcer, gastric cancer, hemorrhagic gastritis, and cirrhosis with esophageal varices rupture are common causes.

  White clay-like stool: The stool is grayish white, loose, and looks like white clay. It is caused by the inner cavity of the biliary tract being blocked or the outer wall being compressed.

It is usually caused by tumors in the biliary tract, periampullary carcinoma and bile duct stones.

  Bloody stools: Bloody stools are dark red, or blood is mixed in stool, which is mostly caused by lower gastrointestinal bleeding.

Common diseases include small bowel malignancy, colon cancer, colon polyps, Meckel’s diverticulum ulcers and other diseases.

  In addition, the skin and mucous membranes are yellow, so it is considered to be double jaundice.

  Bloody stools: Refers to all blood that is attached to the surface of feces or the stool.

Found in hemorrhoid rhinorrhea, rectal polyps and rectal cancer.

  Stool shape ditch: Stool is sometimes grooved or irregular, which is a symptom of rectal cancer and rectal polyps. It should be checked early to confirm the diagnosis.

  Mucus, pus and blood: Mucus and pus and blood are mixed in the stool, or mucus and pus and blood are all in the stool. The number of stools increases, and the patient always has a bowel movement but no feces.

Common in bacterial dysentery or chronic ulcerative colitis.

  Stool-like stool: This type of stool is like washing rice, brushing the bowl, and washing the pot with used water. The stool is mixed with indigestible food.

There are many stools, and the amount is large. There is no odor or light odor, and defecation is often sprayed out.

Common in diseases such as cholera or gastrinoma.

  Meat-washing stools: stools are dark-red watery stools, like the water used for meat-washing, with a large amount and no odor.

Found in acute enteritis caused by food poisoning.

  Jam-like stool: The color of the stool is like chocolate candy, it is pasty, and it looks like the surface of jam or fried sauce. The stool often has broken and spoiled tissue fragments and has a foul smell.

Found in amoebic dysentery.

  Pasty stools: The stools are pasty with foam, or like fermented dough.

The patient had more frequent stools, accompanied by abdominal belching, bloating, and fart.

Common in indigestion.

  Poop: Feces are thin and not shaped.

It usually occurs before dawn or early in the morning, and the patient has a longer stool. The abdominal pain during defecation is large. The abdominal pain disappears after defecation.

It is common in the abdomen to catch cold at night and cause indigestion and neurosis in the body.

  Sea-blue watery stools: The stools are sea-blue or green-yellow, rice soup-like, containing translucent egg-like or mucous membrane-like substances.

Common in staphylococcal enteritis or antibiotic enteritis.

  Aunt: There is a lot of stool, there are oil droplets on the surface, and the smell is sour.

Tips are crispy, digestive and absorption disorders.

Seen in patients with chronic pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer.

  Hard ball-like stool: The stool is hard-ball shaped.

Sheep-like, difficult to excrete.

Found in middle-aged or elderly patients with chronic bed constipation.

Are beans rich in vitamin C?

Are beans rich in vitamin C?

When it comes to vitamin C, many people immediately think of green leafy vegetables, fresh dates, sea buckthorn, lemon, kiwi and other fresh vegetables and fruits. Do you think of bean sprouts?

A bean, accidentally dropped into the water, does not need to supplement any nutrients from the outside, you can grow a vibrant small bud, which shows that the nutrition of the bean sprouts is extraordinary.

It is said that during the Second World War, the U.S. Navy accidentally ate moist germinated mung beans and healed scurvy that had been abandoned for many days. This is because the bean sprouts are rich in vitamin C.

  Bean protein, almost plasma-free.

It is rich in lysine and bioflavonoids and has the reputation of “plant meat” and “green cow”.

Become the best source of high-quality protein and cheap calcium and trace element zinc for Chinese figures.

Beans are the only high-protein, low-fat foods that overlap with animal foods.

Most of the unsaturated fatty acids in beans are ideal foods to prevent diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, and atherosclerosis. Therefore, people are encouraged to eat more beans and their products.

  Many people, especially the elderly, like to eat soy beans. They take soy beans, mung beans and other beans as their main food, such as mixing soy beans in the snow and cooking soy beans.

It is also common for many people to use it directly to grind soy milk as an early drink.

In fact, it is not cost-effective to do so. Raw beans contain many anti-nutritional factors that people do not really own: In addition to containing antitrypsin factors, which can inhibit trypsin digestion, they are also rich in phytic acid.Affects the absorption of trace elements zinc, iron and mineral calcium. Therefore, many beans will be eaten in real life, and there will be anemia, zinc deficiency and calcium deficiency. This is because the resistance of beans in theNutritional factors cause the absorption of iron, zinc, and calcium to be quite low. For example, although soybeans are rich in iron, the absorption rate of iron accounts for only about 3%.

  It can be seen that although the beans are good, they are exquisite in eating, and the improper eating will be counterproductive.

In a 1988 “National Natural Science Foundation-funded project” graduate thesis, I found that soaking beans (one bean and eight parts of water) for germination is a very good way to reduce phytic acid in beans.

The study found that after soybean germination, the protein content increased by 18%, and reduced vitamin C increased by 40% (the original beans did not contain vitamin C), vitamin B2, lactate dehydrogenase, and superoxide dismutase (SOD) allThere is a certain increase, free amino acids (aspartic acid, etc.) that promote calcium absorption, the total free amino acids significantly increase, phytase activity continues to increase, and phytic acid is continuously aggravated, resulting in phytic acid-calcium absorption during this periodThe main inhibitory factor of lactose showed a downward trend, which was 40% lower than that of soybean or tofu.

The fact that came out was: with sprout 3?
4 days (length about 4?
5 cm) of bean sprouts is the best nutrient, not as long as anyone imagines, the longer the germination time, the better, the longer the better, the more nutrition.

After sprouts, the phytic acid content is greatly reduced, which greatly improves the absorption and utilization of trace elements zinc, iron and mineral calcium, which can prevent iron deficiency anemia, zinc deficiency and calcium deficiency; moreover, the bean sprouts are lowTrace, high-fiber, high-vitamin C foods can be beauty, detoxification, anti-oxidation, improve the body’s immunity; also have the effect of removing lesions and slight accumulation in the vessel wall, cardiovascular diseases; and reduce lactic acid accumulation in the body, treatmentNeurasthenia and eliminate fatigue.

Bean sprouts contain riboflavin, which is very suitable for people who are prone to oral ulcers in spring.

  In daily life, you can apply the theory of traditional Chinese medicine health “red beans fill the heart, soy beans fill the spleen, mung beans fill the liver, white beans fill the lungs, black beans fill the kidney, and five beans fill the five internal organs.”

Take red beans, soy beans, mung beans, white beans, and black beans and soak them for three days, and then eat red, green, yellow, white, and black bean sprouts of different colors every day, which can serve your heart, liver, spleen, and lungs.The kidneys and the five internal organs are greatly supplemented, and can promote the absorption and utilization of iron and zinc. It is a good calcium supplement, zinc supplement, iron supplement, brain health, nourishment, eye protection, detoxification, beauty, and health care to promote growth and development.plasma.

  At the same time, keep in mind the following: eating bean sprouts is better than eating raw beans.

When making soy milk, it is also best to soak the beans overnight, and then remove the soy milk the next day, which will reduce some phytic acid.

  When growing a variety of beans, be careful not to grow the bean sprouts too long, it is advisable to 3-5 cm, and the time is 3-4 days.

  Mung bean sprouts are cold. When cooking with a little ginger, to neutralize its coldness, it is very suitable for summer consumption.

  When baking, the oil and salt should not be too much, it should be kept as light as possible and refreshing.

Sprouts should be fried quickly after being added to the pot, and some vinegar should be added to preserve moisture, vitamin B2 and vitamin C, and the taste is good.

  Some bean sprouts look fat and tender, but some smell of chemical fertilizers may even contain hormones. Do not buy and eat them easily. It is best to make bean sprouts yourself.

Let’s treat fitness as a date

Let’s treat fitness as a date

According to the survey, the reasons for not exercising include: 31% of the time is not available; 25% of the exercise is not known; 22% of being lazy; 9% of those who do not think they are healthy; 7 of those who do not do so%; 6% who hate sports at all.


.  No time has become the enemy of people to maintain health. Many people have originally scheduled exercise time, but temporarily canceled, because suddenly something happens, they have to eat with friends, they have to go shopping with their family, temporary friends meet . Most people think that exercise is not the mostimportant.

  In fact, as long as you think of your exercise time as an appointment that cannot be canceled, when other people ask you, you must stagger this time. I believe everyone can cooperate.

And you will also find that the efficiency of time use has improved, you can easily complete the exercise, and take into account other appointments.

  This is why we always say that the president of the country is so busy and has time to work out, not to mention a common people in our district?

Therefore, learning to manage time is critical. Don’t take fitness time as a burden on your work, and consider it a waste of time.

  In addition, many people think that exercise must take an hour or two to be effective, so they say they have no time.

In fact, whether you are at work or home, as long as you have three or five minutes, you can use the army’s simple aerobics, such as watching television advertising time.

Usually thirty-minute programs have eight-minute commercials. If you can make good use of them, the advertising time will rise and you can increase at least half an hour of exercise every day.

Little bananas are amazingly effective

Little bananas are amazingly effective

[Treatment of hypertension]Patients with hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases often have more “sodium” and less “potassium”, and bananas are rich in potassium ions.

Potassium ions can inhibit the contraction of blood vessels and damage the cardiovascular system by sodium ions.

Eating bananas can maintain the sodium and potassium balance and acid-base balance in the body, keep the nerves and muscles normal, and myocardial contraction and coordination, so eat 3?
5 bananas are beneficial for patients with hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  [Reducing plasma serum]Too high cholesterol can cause coronary heart disease, and the stalk of banana has the effect of reducing cholesterol.

For those with high serum and plasma, use 50 grams of banana fruit handle, wash and slice, and drink with boiling water, even drink * 0?
In 20 days, you can lower cholesterol.

  [Diabetic gastric ulcer]Patients with hypertension ulcer often take Baotaisong, which often causes gastric bleeding.

And banana contains a chemical that can prevent gastric ulcers, which can stimulate the growth and reproduction of gastric mucosal cells, and produce more mucosa to protect the stomach.

   [Treatment of skin pruritus]Banana peel contains banana peel, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Experiments have shown that banana peel is effective in treating itching and beriberi caused by fungi or bacteria.

Patients can choose fresh banana peels to rub repeatedly on the itchy skin, or mash them into mud, or wash them with water for several days.

  [Hangover]Banana peel 60g boiled water, clear leader.

Special reminder: banana cold, spleen and stomach deficiency, patients with stomach pain and diarrhea should be used less.

Bananas contain a large amount of magnesium, and eating more can increase the magnesium content in the blood, which will have an inhibitory effect on the cardiovascular system of the person and cause obvious symptoms of muscle paralysis and lethargy.

Medical scientists believe that drivers should not eat bananas on an empty stomach.

  [Weight loss]Because the starch content in bananas is very high, it is very easy to fill up. In addition, it takes some time for the starch to be converted into sugars in the body, so it does not produce excessive energy accumulation.

From this perspective, bananas can be used as the first choice for weight loss.

  [Beauty spot]Banana mask method: Banana half, mash mud and add appropriate amount of milk, tune into a paste and apply on the face.

Keep * 5?
Wash off after 20 minutes.

It can make the skin fresh and smooth, eliminate the wounds on the skin, and lighten freckles.

  [Treatment of cough]Banana for lung heat cough *?
2 stews of rock sugar.

2 times, even for several days, the effect is better

Do you have a common language with him or her

Do you have a common language with him or her

For marriage, whether it can be maintained, besides love, can also be used as a belief and values.

Couples entering the palace of marriage may wish to do a test and answer “yes” with 1 point and “no” with 0 points to see how your consistency and understanding are.

This is a test we commonly use in consultations.

  Of the ten discussions, more than three will end in dispute.

  Few things are discussed.

  I don’t think the other person understands me.

  When there is something, the other party will not discuss it with me first.

  They rarely pay attention to my feelings.

  There were 6 things that were done together and that both parties were happy.

  I like sharing less than two of the other person’s hobbies.

  I don’t let the other party travel alone.

  When I see each other with the opposite sex, I will doubt it.

  We haven’t been very happy together in the past Wednesday, and often.

  Judging: 7 or more points, serious common belief, lack of common value; 5-7 points, you must pay attention to do something to improve your marital status; 3-4 points, you can get better; below 2 points, congratulations, youMarriage life is very healthy.

  Ways to increase common belief: Prepare a piece of paper and a pen for each person to write 20 things you think the two can do together.

These things should be completed within 1-2 hours, the cost is low, the actual environment allows, and the most important thing is that they will be happy with each other.

During the writing process, the two need not discuss.

After writing, take turns correcting each item you write, and if both agree, write it down on another piece of paper.

If either party disagrees, it cannot be written down, there is no need to say the reasons for disagreement, and neither party can question or criticize each other.

Wait for each other to finish the 20 items you have written, and see how many things you agree with each other are listed on the third sheet.

If there are a maximum of 12 items, write 10 more items each and repeat the above procedure until a list of more than 12 items is supported by both people.

Health secrets hidden in your fingers

Health secrets hidden in your fingers

Jianghu warlocks rely on palmistry to calculate their future. In fact, palmistry does not necessarily indicate destiny, but it certainly indicates your health.

Each finger has acupoints connected to the organ.

The flexible fingers are right in front of you, you can see them at any time, you can press anywhere . Our hands and feet are covered with meridian points that are closely connected to human organs. When an abnormality occurs in a part of the body, the corresponding part of the palm will alsoChanged.

And the advantage is that the hand is like a mirror that you can see at any time.

“Look in the mirror”-Observe the changes in the qi, color, and shape of the hand, you can understand the condition of the organs in time, and then find and solve the problem, between your flexible ten fingers.

  Healthy fingers are the same: pink nails, shiny, moderate thickness, moderate soft and hard, not easy to break, smooth surface, and the half-moon shape of the nail roots (half moon, also known as health circle) is white.

  The five-finger health check has six meridians running on the hand. It communicates with the internal organs, tissues, and organs of the body. There are about 99 acupuncture points (areas), which can reflect the health of the internal organs.

Massaging or pressing these acupuncture points can almost restore systemic illness.

  Corresponding organs of the five fingers Corresponding organs Thumbs Lungs Meridians Hearts and Lungs Forefingers Large intestine Meridians Stomach, Intestines and digestive organs Middle finger pericardium Meridian features, Liver ring finger Trifocal Meridians Lungs and Respiratory system pinky heart, Small intestine meridians, Unhealthy circulatory fingers are different:Half-moon color is gray: it may be weak, and may easily cause anemia, tiredness, and fatigue.

  Pink: May have decreased viscera function, excessive physical exertion, and easily cause complications such as diabetes and hyperthyroidism.

  Purple: easy to cause poor blood circulation of the cardio-cerebral blood vessels, insufficient blood and oxygen supply, prone to dizziness, headache, and arteriosclerosis.

  Black: more common in patients with severe heart disease, tumors or long-term medication.

  The area of the first half of the month is the best: it covers 1/5 of the nails.

  Less than 1/5: indicates insufficient toxicity and poor gastrointestinal absorption capacity.

If the first half of the month suddenly darkens, shrinks, and disappears, some expendable diseases, tumors, and bleeding should be prevented as soon as possible.

If you stay up late and have too much sex, the half month will also disappear and it is difficult to grow again.

  More than 1/5: mostly myocardial hypertrophy, susceptible to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, hypertension, stroke and other diseases.

  The nail color is dark and there are multiple vertical lines: this is a manifestation of insufficient water in the body, and the internal organs and tissues corresponding to the finger are weak.

  The color is dark, uneven, and there are multiple horizontal lines: this is a manifestation of anemia and malnutrition, or the body is irregular for a few months.

  There are 6 meridians in the hand to communicate with all internal organs and organs.

There are about 99 acupuncture points (areas) that can reflect the health status of the entire internal organs and the internal organs of the internal organs.

  The best advantage of using five-finger fitness at any time and anywhere is that you can replace the lengthy meeting time, the ten minutes of rest in front of the computer has content, and waiting for meals before meals is no longer anxious .The prospect is that, as long as we think, all the time when the hands are free can be fitness time.

  Basic health: Five-finger massage thumb can relieve: heart disease, allergic dermatitis, hair loss, sore throat; massage forefinger can relieve: constipation, loss of appetite, stomach pain, chronic gastritis; massage with middle finger can relieve: stomach trouble, fatigue, strong appetite,Tinnitus and dizziness; massage the ring finger can relieve: cold, sore throat, headache, frequent urination, sweating, cold in the palace; massage the pinky finger can relieve: shoulder pain, low back pain, irregular menstruation, visual fatigue, obesity, insomnia.

  Massage method: 1.

Massage your left hand first.

Insert the thumb and index finger of the right hand into the left thumb, and hold it for 10 seconds if you feel pain.


Hold the thumb of the left hand up and down with the index finger and thumb of the right hand, press it firmly, and hold for 3 seconds.


Change the right hand massage, the same way.

  Fingertip pain The five fingertips each have meridian points, which correspond to different internal organs.

Starting with the little finger, pinch the nail base, then press it hard and turn it. If the fingertips feel particularly painful, it may indicate that the organs related to the acupuncture point may be defective.

  Little finger pain: There may be problems with the heart or small intestine.

The little fingertip near the tip of the ring finger has a little punch, and the other side has a little bit.

Shao Chong has a close relationship with the heart. When the incidence occurs, forcibly stopping the little fingertips can alleviate the disease; Shao Ze is the meridian of the small intestine. When indigestion, you can press this part with force.

  Ring finger pain: May be sore throat or headache.

On the ring finger on the acupuncture point, rubbing this part when a cold and fever can relieve symptoms.

  Middle finger pain: May cause cardiovascular discomfort.There is a Zhongchong point on the middle finger. When the heart can’t stand the disease because of the disease, you will feel pain here.

  Forefinger pain: There may be a problem with the large intestine.

There is a Shangyang acupoint on the index finger. It feels painful to press this finger during constipation.

  Thumb pain: Problems with the respiratory system.

The little Shang point on the thumb is closely related to the lungs.

If the lungs have pressure on this part, they may jump up in pain.

  Picking up the joints to correct the problem and picking up the relevant fingers can ease the pain.

Each operation is 3 minutes, 1-2 times a day.

  Liver disease: pinch both joints of the right thumb.

  Tinnitus: pinch the three joints of the ring fingers of both hands.

  Diabetes: pinch both joints of the left thumb.

  Hypertension: Press the root of the little finger of the left hand.

  Crime: pinch the three joints of the little finger of the left hand.

  Dysmenorrhea: pinch the three joints of the index fingers of both hands.

  Eye fatigue: pinch the three joints of the right middle finger.

  Upgrade maintenance: Flexible fitness means that since the health of the body is reflected in the hands, the health of the hands cannot be ignored.

We often tap the keyboard and send mobile phone text messages. “Mouse Hands”, “Keyboard Hands”, and “SMS Hands” are not honorable titles for hands.

Some exercises for finger flexibility and knuckle adaptation must be done. We can choose the following.

  Shake: Flick your wrist fiercely on your chest for about 10 seconds.

Can promote blood circulation in the hands.

  Throw the ball: Fist your hands in front of your chest. There was a small ball in your previous hand.

Hold firmly, count five times silently, spread your fingers as far as possible to throw away.

Can strengthen palms and wrists, making fingers flexible.

  Playing fingers: Simulate playing the piano with ten fingers in both hands, starting from the thumb to the palm.

Repeat 20 times.

Can exercise the control and movement ability of the hand.

  Finger pressing: Separate the ten fingers with their fingertips facing each other and press against them with force.

Until the knuckles are sore and sore.

Repeat 10 times.

The knuckles can be beneficial and supplementary.

  Push the palm: Put your hands together on your chest, push your left wrist firmly to the right, keep the palms aligned, and then turn to the left.

Can strengthen the wrist and increase the flexibility of the wrist or palm.

  Rubbing your fingers: Massage your fingers with your thumb and forefinger, from the base of your finger to the tip of your finger.

Can promote blood circulation to fingers.

  Pulling fingers: Hold the left thumb with your right hand, turn it once, and then extend it straightly, pull each finger in turn, and repeat the same action with the other hand.

Can help the fingers to circulate blood smoothly and strengthen the ligaments.

  Finger swap: Swap the fingers of both hands in sequence.

Can exercise the flexibility of fingers and brain response, coordination ability.

  Relax: Let the arm dangle, shake it at will, and rock it hard until the hand is completely relaxed.

  Some things about massage. For most acupuncture points and reflex areas, the strength of massage is not effective without pain, so it needs to be stimulated a bit and the pain is a little heavier.But don’t use too much force, as long as you have obvious pain.

When massaging, you should use light first and then heavy, and gradually increase the strength until you can accept an alternative.

  The order of the massage is to massage the left hand of the male first, then the right hand; the opposite of female, right hand first, then left hand.

If you don’t have enough time, just massage the acupuncture points on one hand.

  Be careful after acupoint fatigue massage for several days, the condition improves, and the tenderness at the acupoint will be relieved, which is a disease with improved disease.

If the condition does not improve and the tenderness is obviously dull, this is acupoint fatigue.

The left and right hand acupuncture points are the same, and the left and right hand acupoints can be massaged in turn.

  Massage Note 1 Take a break before massage.

  2 Overeating, full meals, hand massage should not be done within 1 hour after bathing and when tired.

  3 If there is acid, slight pain, swelling and other sensations after pressing for the first time, it means that the force is too large, and the intensity should be reduced.

  4 The hand point is relatively small. During massage, some points can be operated with some equipment, such as pens, ballpoint pens and other tails (must be smooth and round) to block the points.

  5 Remember to breathe naturally during massage, do not hold your breath.