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How should the heart be cured?

As long as you will eat, you will be half successful!

How should the heart be cured?
As long as you will eat, you will be half successful!

If the human body is like a cardiovascular car, then the role of the heart is the engine. How should the important heart be cured?

As long as you will eat, you will be half successful!

The American Journal of Clinical Medicine (JAMA) issued a paper stating that there is a clear relationship between diet and serious cardiovascular events.

What should I eat more?

First, coarse grains: supplemented grains of food intake, high-fiber oxides such as beans, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The study found that plasma glucose fiber has the effect of excreting sodium, and regular consumption can prevent high blood pressure.

In the diet of adults, how much food is consumed by the grains.

You can buy some meal made from soy protein isolate as breakfast, or mix beans, oats and rice together with porridge.

Second, fruits and vegetables: daily intake of “Chinese Dietary Guidelines (2016)” recommended, meals have vegetables, eat fruit every day.

In fact, many people’s daily fruit and vegetable absorption is insufficient, should we guarantee 300 per day?
500 grams of vegetables, of which dark vegetables should account for 1/2.

Also need to eat fruit every day, to ensure that 200 per day?
350 grams of fresh fruit.

If you are too busy to eat fruit, drink non-concentrated reduction (NFC) juice is also a good choice, 100% natural pure, fresh flavor.

Third, fungi: guaranteed 5 per day?
A 10 gram study found that eating more fungi also caused heart health.

For example, black fungus contains anticoagulant components, which is helpful for lowering blood viscosity. Is it recommended to eat 5 per day?
10 grams; mushrooms, containing lentinan, can improve the body’s resistance, prevent disease invasion, and can prevent the rise of cholesterol in the blood.

What should I eat less?

First, high salt: can use sour and spicy instead of eating too much salt is prone to water and sodium retention (sodium ions stay outside the cell to cause edema), thereby increasing the burden on the heart.

A large number of clinical data show that high salt intake is directly proportional to human blood pressure.

It is suitable to replace the salty taste with sweet, sour and spicy flavors, which can replace the deficiency of salty taste and promote appetite.

You can also season with soy sauce, bean paste, sesame sauce, or with spices such as onions, ginger, and garlic.

However, when seasoning with sweet and sour, you should pay attention to the amount of sugar, less put as well.

Second, high-sugar drinks: one bottle less per week, published in the article “Nutrition Journal” pointed out: children drink less than 1 bottle of sugary drinks a week, the risk of developing high blood pressure will be reduced accordingly.

About 613 children underwent a one-year follow-up survey. The results showed that the more sugary drinks a child drinks, the more triglyceride content in the blood can be changed, and the harm to the heart is reduced.Low sugar drinks are recommended.

Third, red meat: replaced with white meat, better sausage, bacon, hot dogs, ham and other processed meat containing sodium, nitrate, phosphate, etc., have a certain adverse effect on the heart.

It is recommended that people who love meat eat less red meat, including: pork, beef and other mammals, do not hinder the choice to eat more white meat, such as: chicken, duck, fish, etc., because the white meat is too small, the quality protein contentMore, good for the heart.

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Let home-cooked food help you clean, soft blood vessels!

How to prevent the stress of office workers, prevent cardiovascular disease, long-term insomnia, susceptible to cardiovascular disease, recommend several insomnia recipes for the elderly

Lily lotus seed mung bean soup, etc. can suffer from flu

Lily lotus seed mung bean soup, etc. can suffer from flu


Lily lotus seed mung bean soup: 30g of lily, 30g of lotus seed, 35g of mung bean, 10g of rock sugar, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil for 30 minutes.


Sea Ginseng and Yuzhu Soup: 30g of Ginseng, 20g of Yuzhu, 10g of red dates, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil for 40 minutes.


Mung bean barley soup: 30g mung bean, 50g barley kernel, warm for 40 minutes.


Peppermint pear porridge: 3g mint, 1 pear with skin, 6 jujubes (cut to core), add an appropriate amount of water, and strain the soup.

Use millet or rice 50g to make porridge. After the porridge is cooked, add mint pear soup, then boil and serve.


Erbaitang: 15g white onion, 30g white radish, 3g parsley.

Add the right amount of water and boil the hot drink.


Ginger Jujube Mint Drink: 3g mint, 3g ginger, 3 jujubes.

Ginger is shredded, jujube is cut and pitted, put into a tea cup with mint, and poured into 200-300ml of boiling water. Cover and soak for 5-10 minutes.


Mulberry leaf chrysanthemum water: 3g mulberry leaf, 3g chrysanthemum, 10g reed root.

Soak tea in boiling water and replace it frequently.


Red bean, mung bean soup with moderate amount.

Foot massage benefits

Foot massage benefits

The reason why the foot is known as the “second heart” of the human body is determined according to the theory of biological holography. The sole of the foot is the reflection area of many internal organs.Become the epitome of the human body, and completely connect the organs of the whole body.

  Why the feet can respond to the complications of the organs of the viscera? There is an ancient saying that “every disease starts from the cold, and the cold comes from the feet.” The human foot is like the root of a tree.

The feet are the root of the human body and the point at which the human vitality condenses.

Half of the twelve meridians that connect the human body’s internal organs start and end on the foot, and more than 60 acupuncture points are gathered on the foot, so the foot is called the “second heart” of the human body by foreign medical experts.

The principle of foot reflexology is a marginal science based on holographic reflexology and meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

And this reflection process requires the cooperation of human meridians to complete.

The meridian circulation line is connected with acupuncture points of various parts of the human body.

There are many acupoints on the feet. If the internal organs are diseased, when a pathological excitement has formed in the cerebral cortex, the pressure and pain sensations transmitted from the reflex area of the foot will also form another excitatory focus and appear on the foot.Determine the deflection of the viscera.

  Benefits of foot health massage Multi-massage foot acupoints can mobilize the internal potential of the human body, enhance the body’s resistance to diseases, and is suitable for treating diseases of various organs of the human body, especially certain chronic diseases.

Foot massage can be treated regardless of yin and yang, whether on or off the surface, cold and heat, and deficiency and solidity.

  The function of massaging the acupuncture points is direct. It can obviously continuously regulate the two-way effect. The weak can make up, the real can diarrhea, the cold can warm, the hot can clear, the accumulator can disperse, the strong can soften, and damage it.There is more than enough tonic, promoting blood circulation and dissipating blood stasis, swelling and pain relief, dredging the meridians and collaterals, tonifying joints, relieving the evil and strengthening the physique.

Combined with massage Sanyinjiao, Zusanli, Fengchi acupoint, it can benefit the kidney and solidify the essence, cultivate the essence, strengthen the essence, and strengthen the body to cure the disease.

  Massage + foot bath, fitness and cure the disease Traditional Chinese medicine also highly values “foot bath”.

Before going to bed every night, you can soak your feet with water with a water temperature of about 40 ℃ and a spoonful of salt.

After 5 minutes, massage the forefinger points of both feet with the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger of the two fingers in parallel alternately 60 times, and then use the thumbs of both hands to massage the gap between the toes of the feet 20 times in warm water.

With the foot washing and massage time being extended, in order to keep the water temperature around 40 ℃, an appropriate amount of hot water can be added in portions.

After massage, dry your feet, and then use your two fingers and three fingers to massage the same side Sanyinjiao, Zusanli and Fengchi points 20 times each.

The technique is light and heavy, from the outside and inside, from the surface to the inside, uniform and soft.

  The plantar reflex zone is associated with the human internal organs.

Traditional Chinese medicine foot bath is based on the principle of internal disease and external treatment. The drug reaches the internal organs and the five internal organs through the reflex area of the foot, which promotes the operation of qi and blood, improves the patency of capillaries, and improves the nutritional status of the whole body tissue and the metabolism of the body.

  Foot massage can promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, strengthen immune function, relieve tension and anxiety, improve sleep, eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength, and thus improve human health.

Eight kinds of food make computer eyes dry and shiny

Eight kinds of food make computer eyes dry and shiny

Connie, a senior documentary manager of a US-based lighting company, has been working for more than 12 hours a day, and most of them are in front of the computer. Therefore, Connie always feels dry eyes, pain, blurred vision, and then goes to the hospital for examination.Got dry eye and video terminal syndrome.

Professor Lan Yuqing, director of the department of ophthalmology of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said that “visual fatigue” is a common phenomenon, and you can eat more beneficial foods every day to help your eyes.

  Blueberries The anthocyanins contained in blueberries are the highest in all fruits and vegetables, and the most abundant part of blueberries is in its unique purple peel.

“Anthocyanins” are important elements for maintaining eye health and preventing vision impairment.

It is a class of soluble pigments that range in color from blue to red.

The pharmacological study of anthocyanins has found that it has a good effect on promoting resin synthesis, improving circulation, anti-ulcer, and anti-inflammatory, and can obviously improve eye fatigue.

  Corn has found from many epidemiological studies that lutein and zeaxanthin in corn can prevent the generation of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Age-related macular degeneration is a disease caused by the eyes and can cause vision loss in severe cases.
According to a 1994 study conducted by Harvard Medical School and many research centers in the United States, overlapping larger amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin can reduce the risk of macular fractures in the elderly by 43%.

Zeaxanthin is particularly rich in corn, which can help to brighten the eyes, and is an excellent supplementary food to fight eye aging.

  Bananas The potassium in bananas can help the body excrete excess salt, allow the body to reach a potassium and sodium balance, and relieve eye discomfort.

In addition, bananas contain a large amount of β-carotene. When the body lacks this substance, the eyes will become painful, dry, the eyes are dull, and the water loss will be less.

Eating more bananas can at least alleviate these symptoms, but also to a certain extent reduce eye fatigue and prevent premature eye aging.

  Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, tuna and sardines are very high.

It mainly includes alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), EPA and DHA.

Alpha-linolenic acid can be converted into DHA and EPA as needed.

Omega-3 is the basic substance of our brain, eyes and nervous system and other organs. It is also an important component to maintain the sound function of cell membranes.

Among them, DHA can promote the development of brain cells and retinal photoreceptor cells, so it helps the development of the visual system.

In addition, DHA and EPA can also delay the death of lacrimal sac cells, increase tear secretion and help form a layer of oil that prevents tears from evaporating, thereby alleviating discomfort in patients with eye disease.

  Animal viscera (liver, heart, kidney) eye tissue repair requires constant protein supplementation. Animal viscera is not only rich in vitamins, but also rich in protein, and protein is the main component of the cells. The eye is no exception, so tissue repairUpdates require constant protein supplementation.

  Green tea leaves are rich in vitamin A, which can make the eyes see things more clearly in dark light, which can prevent night blindness and dry eye disease.

  Chinese wolfberry chrysanthemum tea and cassia seed tea are now called “bright eye eight treasure tea” by office white-collar workers, because of its clearing liver and eyesight, such as redness and pain caused by liver heat and redness, tears in shame and blurred visionAs well as glaucoma, cataracts, conjunctivitis, etc.

Because of its role in protecting the optic nerve, it is beneficial to people who are prone to eye fatigue, such as modern TV families and computer families.

  Nuts and hard foods Eat more nuts and hard foods, such as peanuts, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, etc. Chewing can promote the movement of extraocular muscles and improve blood circulation around the eyes.

6 secret recipes to remove dark circles


6 secret recipes to remove dark circles

Dark circles are mainly caused by poor blood circulation in the eyes. There are many small tricks in the field that can alleviate dark circles.

  First, ice milk eye mask to relieve dark circles Material: cotton ball, ice water, cold whole milk Method: 1. Mix ice water and cold whole milk in a 1: 1 ratio.

  2. Dip a cotton ball in the mixture.

  3. Then apply the soaked cotton ball on the eyes for about 15 minutes. You can also use cotton balls instead of cotton pads.

  Second, the yogurt removes the dark circles, put the gauze into the yogurt completely soaked, and then apply around the eyes for about 10 minutes, so that the skin of the eyes fully absorb moisture and nutrients, which can inhibit the dilution and inhibit the generation of dark circlesCan effectively remove bags under the eyes.

  Third, hot towels are used to remove dark circles. Most dark circles are caused by insufficient blood circulation around the eyes due to insufficient sleep, so the phenomenon of melanin precipitation occurs.

After waking up, it is best to apply your eyes immediately with a hot towel that does not produce much of your body temperature, and then exchange your eyes with a cooled towel. In about 10 minutes, your dark circles can be reduced by half.

  Fourth, massage to get rid of dark circles is a good time to get rid of dark circles.

After getting up, make a circular motion with both hands in a clockwise direction, and massage the skin around the eyes for about 5 minutes.

This method can promote blood circulation around the eyes and eliminate dark circles.

  5. After the horseshoe is removed from the black eye, the horseshoe and lotus root are washed and peeled. Then, use a clean knife to chop the horseshoe and put it into the juicer. After blending with two cups of water, separate the residue and leave it around the eyes for about 10 minutesThat’s fine.

The lotus root and lotus root are rich in iron and protein respectively, and have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, so the effect of removing dark circles is very good.

  Six, to remove dark circles recipe materials: Angelica 10 grams, Chuanxiong 3 grams, 5 grams of astragalus, 2 grams of safflower, 1000 grams of chicken soup, 100 grams of rice.

  Method: first wash the first three flavors with rice wine, cut into thin slices and put them in a cloth bag, add chicken soup and water, and fry the medicinal sauce.

After removing the cloth bag, add the previous rice, boil over high heat, and then boil over low heat to make porridge.

Take 1 dose daily and take it several times.

Keep away from cancer and eat chicken instead of red meat

Keep away from cancer and eat chicken instead of red meat

The British “Daily Mail” reported on the 24th that American researchers have found that eating chicken instead of red meat can reduce the risk of cancer and make people live longer, according to a 10-year study, published in the “Internal Medicine Literature”On the magazine.

  Scientists from the National Cancer Institute conducted a 10-year follow-up study of more than 500,000 Americans, during which 47,976 men and 23,276 women died.

  Researchers have found that among the dead, 11% of men and 16% of women may replace the time they live if they reduce their red meat intake.

  The study also found that eating too much red meat or processed meat can greatly increase the risk of death, especially from the threat of heart disease and cancer, while white meat can slightly reduce the risk of various deaths. Researchers also pointed out that lean meatCan provide high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals iron, zinc, selenium, etc.

  The research leader Reshmi?

Singh claims that red meat affects human health in several ways: when meat is cooked at high temperatures, carcinogenic compounds are formed; meat meat is also a source of saturated adults related to hypertension and bowel cancer; eating meat can also affect blood pressureAnd cholesterol levels.

  Sinha said the relationship between each type of meat and a specific cause of death should be investigated in the future.

How much temperature is better for summer face wash_1

How much temperature is better for washing your face in summer

The temperature is getting higher and higher, and every time I go out, I will have a sweat and a gray face.

Quickly wash your cold water face!

It ‘s really a summer enjoyment to wash off the dust and sweat from your face, and then eat ice cream while watching TV comfortably!

But slowly!

It is not suitable to wash your face with cold water in summer.

Because the oil on the seashore is more serious in summer, if you wash your face with cold water, the oil and cold water at both ends will solidify.

When the face is full of sweat, greasy, and dust, and cold water is used to wash the face, it will inevitably greatly affect the entire face washing effect.

Moreover, washing your face with cold water will have after effects. It is full of sweat and the skin temperature is relatively high. Without cooling down, you will be suddenly stimulated by cold water, which will cause skin pores to shrink and make the pores oily.The result is that the skin’s pores are enlarged, and sensitive skin may even be acutely inflamed because of this!

Oily skin is more prone to acne and acne.

Since sunscreen or sunscreen is used in the summer, and it will cause oil stains throughout the day, it is best to use a double wash method-that is, remove your makeup before washing your face, whether or not you have makeup.

Because makeup remover products usually have good oil solubility, they can dissolve dirt deep in pores and prevent the formation of acne.

For cleansing products, it is best to choose foam-based cleansing products, because its rich foam has good cleaning power.

Excessive use of eyes can consume liver blood

Excessive use of eyes can consume liver blood

Nowadays, many people’s work is inseparable from the computer. Many urban white-collar workers have reached the point where they cannot do without a computer: but staring at the computer all day will make the eyes dry and extremely tired.

Although some people have prepared eye drops or thought of some solutions, they cannot solve the problem from the actual.

  This is because if the eyes are used for a long time and the eyes appear dry, the internal cause is the consumption of liver blood.

  In the “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor”, there were injuries in the “injury caused by five labors”: “Long-term injury.

“Blood” here refers to liver blood: in fact, the eyes are closely linked to the liver.

“Liver blood is stored”, that is, the liver has the function of storing blood and regulating blood volume, and “the liver opens the eyes to the eye”.Without the nutritional supply, dry eyes, blurred vision, and even night blindness will be caused?

  Of course, with the exception of using the eye excessively.

The computer family in the office often stares at the computer motionlessly. This will not only cause eye fatigue, but also cause the cervical and lumbar spine to be strained because of incorrect sitting postures and sitting for too long. If there is no relief,It can also cause damage to the liver.

In this case, it will promote eye fatigue, vision loss, and even dizziness.

  In the face of this situation, we must pay attention to protecting the liver and nourishing blood, and we can consider a combination of diet and medicine.

In the daily diet, appropriately eat animal livers such as pig liver and chicken liver, and supplement foods with high vitamin content such as beef, anchovies, spinach, and amaranth; in Chinese medicine, angelica and white peony can supplement blood, and chrysanthemum and wolfberry are clearFor the purpose of the eyes, people who often use the eyes can use it to replace tea with water.

  In addition, when sitting in front of the computer, you must maintain a correct sitting posture. You should also pay attention not to sit too long. Stand up and move appropriately, and look into the distance. This can alleviate eye fatigue and dryness.

  Of course, if symptoms such as dryness, blurred vision, and tears appear, it may not necessarily be a cause of blood deficiency. It may also be caused by eye diseases such as refractive error, keratitis, and cataract.When you feel, go to the hospital for a diagnosis as soon as possible.

Clever Lazy Beauty-Use it better than use it

Clever Lazy Beauty-Use it better than use it

When I returned home from work, I felt exhausted, and I really didn’t have much energy to do the detailed skin care work.

And too many MMs who don’t pay much attention to image management don’t spend a lot of time on skin care.

However, if you want to make yourself glamorous in the office and social places, you can’t ignore the weekly maintenance.

Now, let ‘s learn about the coups and skincare products that can save too much time and have good skincare effects!

  Lazy and beautiful skin-it ‘s better to use it better than it is to use it all-in-one. A multi-effect skin care product is better to use it.Skills can save a lot of troublesome steps and keep the skin in good condition. Why not?

  DIOR Nectar Revitalizing Facial Cleansing Foam 100ml / 590 Yuan Bejia Siyan White Softening Cleansing Foam 170ml / 390 Yuan 1 Cleansing Foam By the way, hydrating foaming cleansing products are usually mild, and the richer the foam, the more delicate and gentle it isEven if you stay at the border for an additional 30 seconds, there is no problem.

The moisturizing foam cleansing is very moisturizing, more or less hydrating the skin, you can choose that essence essence moisturizing cleansing foam.

Before washing your face, rub out the rich foam, then apply the foam on the shells, leave it for 1 minute, and then wash off. Not only will the dirt be easier to wash off, the face will never feel dry after washing.

  LA MER Brightening Moisturizing Lotion 125ml / 1100 Yuan L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Moisturizing Moisturizing Water 200ml / Unlisted 2 Not too lazy to apply a mask?

Use lotion + cotton!

  Leave the mask on for at least 15 minutes, and wash it off after applying it, and it is not easy to wash off.

Every time before applying the mask, you must be tangled.

It’s actually very simple, don’t forget your lotion.

It is the first and most effective step in moisturizing.

It quickly raises the skin’s moisture to the extent that it is no less than a 15-minute mask.

In order to achieve the same effect as an efficient mask, use a cotton pad as a simple mask.

Use a lotion to moisten the cotton pad sufficiently, then tear it in half and stick it on the ends for two minutes.

  3 In order to sleep for a few more minutes, mixing foundation and lotion together is the most time-consuming part of the makeup process, but it can’t be perfunctory, otherwise it will definitely become a big face.

Try mixing pre-makeup and liquid foundation and apply it on both ends. It is best to choose the kind of pre-makeup with some pearlescent particles.

Mix them together like a lotion, even stun them on the palm and press them on a wooden board.

The whole process takes less than two minutes, and it saves us from the need for a cream and brightening loose powder!

  Take a look at the instructions for a multi-functional skin care product. In fact, the bottle of lotion you have used for a long time may save you at least two skin care procedures.

Recommend several multi-effect and high-efficiency products to you, the steps can be saved.

  1Skin optimization morning and night universal skin care product Kanosi sugar crystal multi-dimensional cream 50ml / 460 yuan This is a multi-vitamin cream, unique viscosity, can be integrated with the skin.

Sweet scent, even the lazy person will be attracted to it.

After application, its unique ingredients are like moisturizers, and they will always keep vitality. They will constantly replenish moisture and keep the skin balanced. It is a cream that regulates the skin.

  2 The beauty king of the skincare industry sisley all-round lotion 125ml / 1380 yuan This classic product is not just a simple bottle of lotion, it is also a multi-functional, multi-functional, all-rounder that can improve all kinds of skin troubles!

What’s even better is that it is really suitable for any age and any skin type. It is no exaggeration to say that it is “almighty”!

  3 Multi-functional isolating cream that simplifies the care step Dream makeup smart sunscreen isolating cream 40ml / 135 yuan This is a three-in-one bottle product that can protect against sun, isolation, and multi-effect foundation. It has good moisturizing and long-lasting propertiesIt will be as thick as foundation, but the covering power is also sufficient.

  4 Effective and effective HRHR Helena Sublimation Essence 40ml / 2980 yuan, it is an intensive maintenance product, which contains up to 10% of pure vitamin C.

The moment you apply it to the skin, you can realize that it is light and thin, penetrates quickly, and the gloss and elasticity are improved at the time. It is a very worry-free and efficient skin care product, and it is no problem to save other steps.

  Clever Lazy Beauty-Choosing Products Cleverly Saving Steps Choosing Products Cleverly Saving Steps Skin care is a huge project, and the tedious steps are really prohibitive.

If you don’t want your skin to go downhill and want to be lazy, you might as well work hard on choosing products.


illume Ying Huan Brightening Moisturizing Essence Mask 5pcs / 280 yuan 2.

Favorite name Brightening Purifying Biofiber Vaginal Mask 5 Packs / Unpriced 1 high-efficiency mask to complete at least three skincare procedures. After working for a day, whoever comes home, still has a thoughtful face, not to mention various essencesIt ‘s OK even after washing the face and applying lotion frequently. Other whitening and anti-aging products can be saved and even turned a blind eye, just because they are too lazy to use.

If you are too lazy, choose a sheet mask instead of a few skincare steps.

This is also the easiest way for you to be lazy.A carbonized mask is the best choice, but I don’t think I can sleep well because I have to worry about whether the mask is on the quilt.

It ‘s not as effective as a high-efficiency mask with Sanchawudi. Some of them can moisturize and whiten, or firm and detoxify at the same time. They have a high degree of moisture, and they wo n’t even go to bed the next day after they are applied.Feel dry skin!


SK-II Skin Care Cleansing Cream 120ml / 340 yuan 2.

Avene Soothing Makeup Remover 400ml / 188 Yuan 2 Choose lotion or water-like makeup remover. Direct skin care without washing your face. When it comes to skin care without washing your face, you can even go to bed.

That really happened to a certain extent, but it did hurt the skin.

You ca n’t help removing makeup, but you ‘re too lazy to wash it. It ‘s better to choose makeup remover or makeup remover.

The manuals for these products usually read the words “don’t wash your face after removing makeup, you can directly skin care”.

They are really very gentle, just dip them in with a cotton pad, wipe off the makeup, and then go straight to the skincare routine.


BOBBI BROWN Balancing Foundation Foundation SPF15PA + / 480 yuan 2.

Dior Xue Jing Ling Huan white bright foundation powder SPF 30 PA +++ / 550 yuan 3 each step has a sun protection index at least without sunscreen.

The maintenance steps are already tedious enough. Whoever wants to add a sunscreen, it is estimated that even if you think about it, think of the trouble, you will pick up the sunglasses and go out.

In fact, even if you are lazy, you can not save the sunscreen step.

Otherwise, all of your skin care lessons may fail.

I really don’t like it or occasionally want to be lazy, it is better to replace the lotion, foundation and even eye cream with sun protection index.

Even if their effects add up, they can’t resist sunscreen, but the overlap of the number of layers and a certain thickness can still work!

  4 super moisturizing bath conjoined milk all save the details of beautiful women, is really beautiful.

But it ‘s terrible to apply body milk for 20 minutes after bathing every day!

Lazy, sometimes even hastily smeared the expanse and feet exposed.

In fact, many bath products have added skin care ingredients, and the skin will be smooth and moisturized after washing.

A bath oil containing essential oils, or a scrub product containing oils.

You will notice that your body is still slippery after taking a bath, and you deny omitting body milk.

You can also apply a layer of olive oil to your wet body after bathing and rinse it off with water.

Even after drying the body without applying body milk, it does not feel dry.

  L’Occitane Almond Bath Oil 250ml / 205 Yuan A variety of lazy women are born with contradictory animals. They want to be lazy and keep themselves beautiful.

Introduced so many lazy methods, wanting to be lazy and beautiful, but also need to be a little different . ● Hard to dig out the usage of everything around me I have a friend, the skin is super smooth.

I once asked her if she had any skin care tips. She said, “I do n’t even do a mask very much now, because I ‘m too lazy to save myself.Massage for a few minutes, I feel that the effect is much better than the mask, mainly because it is really effortless.

“It is really troublesome to use it in time and save extra effort to take a shower and apply body milk.

After bathing, I like to apply some body milk while the steam is still a little wet.

It is not only for good absorption, the most important thing is that compared to dry skin, it is too easy to apply!

There is no need to manually push the lotion back and forth, saving time and effort!

  ● The order of hydration is doubled in the reverse order. You can try to apply the skin care gel behind the lotion before going to bed, which is the last step of skin care.

You can apply a little thicker and then go to bed like that.

The next day, the skin is very elastic, and even the fine lines are lightened, eliminating too much trouble before applying makeup.

Pay attention to what foods harm your baby’s intelligence

Pay attention to what foods harm your baby’s intelligence

Introduction: Children are the flowers of the motherland and the hearts of parents.

From the moment of knowing pregnancy, every parent wants the starting point to get the most complete nutrition.

Therefore, most babies start with their mothers and continue to accept “special circumstances” from all sides.

In this regard, Chinese medical experts point out that certain foods that damage your baby’s intelligence must be careful.

  Foods that damage your baby’s intelligence-foods containing aluminum, such as fritters, vermicelli, jelly, and oil cakes, have high levels of aluminum. If you eat them regularly, you will cause too much aluminum, which will affect brain cell function, cause memory loss, and slow thinking.

Households that use aluminum pots and pots should pay attention.

  Foods that damage the baby’s intelligence-foods that contain salt, too much saccharin, and food that is too salty will not only cause hypertension, arteriosclerosis, etc., but also damage arterial blood vessels, affect blood supply to brain tissues, and keep brain cells in alkaliSexual and hypoxic conditions lead to mental retardation and decreased memory.

Saccharin is synthesized from benzoic acid as a raw material. It has sweet taste and no nutritional value. The dosage should be limited, otherwise it will damage the brain.

  Food that damages your baby’s intelligence-lead foods Lead is a big “killer” for cells.

When the blood lead concentration reaches 15 micro / 100 ml, it will cause children with stunting and mental retardation, and the younger the nerves, the more severe the damage.

Leaded foods are mainly popcorn, preserved eggs, canned food or beverages.

Current lead poisoning in children is increasing, symptoms of poisoning include excessive movement, excitement, poor sleep, loss of appetite, frequent urination, irritability, moodiness, difficulty in concentration, poor hearing and language expression, and poor learning ability.

  Foods that damage your baby’s intelligence-barbecue beef, sheep, chicken, fish and other beef and mutton can produce harmful substances during fumigation, which is extremely detrimental to brain development and even induces cancer.

Traces of protein in beef and mutton, during the barbecue process, protein coking and deterioration, no longer lose the initial nutritional value, so that the brain can not get due nutritional supplements, and may also be transformed into compounds that have mutagenicity to human cells.

If you often eat grilled chicken, cattle, sheep, and pork, you can gradually slow your brain forward and affect your intellectual development.

  Foods that damage your baby’s intelligence-foods containing peroxylipids are harmful to the human body. They will destroy the vitamins in food, hinder and interfere with the absorption of proteins by the body, secretly destroy certain metabolic enzyme systems in the body, and cause the brain.Premature aging or dementia.

Foods containing peroxy radicals are mainly fried foods with an oil temperature of more than 200 months. The oil of fried foods will quickly oxidize and produce peroxides, and fatty acids in foods exposed to the sun for a long time will also be produced.Peroxy pound.

  Food that damages your baby’s intelligence-Bubblegum Bubblegum is particularly sweet to chew.

With chewing in the mouth, the reconstruction of the jawbone and teeth are coordinated, which is beneficial to the healthy growth of the teeth.

The main ingredients of bubble gum are rubber and plasticizer.

Plasticizer’s metabolite, phenol, is not good for brain development after it is absorbed by the digestive tract.

Therefore, do not eat bubble gum.

  Food that damages your baby’s intelligence-Chocolate Chocolate is a high-energy food, but it is not a good nutrition for your child.

Because chocolate mainly contains sugar and trace amounts, gluttony chocolate can damage children’s appetite and can not achieve the purpose of nutrition. On the contrary, anorexia often occurs, making children thin and small.

Chocolate is low in protein, inorganic salts and vitamins. Due to the lack of nutrients necessary for growth and development, gluttony chocolate will affect the growth and development of children’s brains, lead to the proliferation of glial, and cause mental decline.