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Let hot yoga burn your beauty

Let hot yoga “burn” your beauty

Click Hot Yoga: Yoga has been born in India for more than 5,000 years.
Due to the hot climate in India, many people practice yoga in hot and hot natural environments.
More than ten years ago, a couple from India used modern heating equipment in the United States to reproduce the high-temperature practice environment of traditional Indian yoga, thereby creating a new yoga-hot yoga, also called hot yoga or heat.Yoga.
A few years ago, hot yoga was introduced to China.
  In popular terms, hot yoga is a combination of sauna and yoga, but because the humidity of the air in a hot yoga room is far less than that of a sauna room, the practitioner will not feel particularly suffocated.
However, after all, it is practiced at more than the normal temperature of the human body, so first of all remind everyone that not everyone is suitable for practicing hot yoga.
  Hot Yoga was founded by Indians Bikram on the basis of Hatha Yoga, a branch of yoga.
In the Hot Yoga series, Bikram retained the 26 poses of the original Hatha Yoga and arranged them scientifically.
These 26 movements are scientifically arranged in the order of pulling and heating according to the characteristics of human muscles, ligaments and tendons.
Therefore, you should follow the instructions of the coach when you practice, otherwise you will make mistakes.
For those with poor balance ability, hand-foot coordination, and lack of exercise, some movements cannot be achieved in one step when they start learning.
  The biggest effect of hot yoga is weight loss and detoxification.
Some positions can stimulate relaxed glands to increase hormone release and accelerate fat metabolism.
Yoga’s deep breathing exercises can also increase the amount of oxygen absorbed by cells in the body, resulting in increased oxidation and the burning of more fat cells.
Toxins can be excreted by stimulating the lymphatic system and heavy sweating.
  The biggest difference between hot yoga and traditional yoga is that it is practiced at a high temperature of 38-42 degrees Celsius, so it is best to prepare a towel around the practitioner to wipe sweat, and at the same time prepare a sports drink, supplement electrolytes at any time. If you feel unwell, you shouldStop practicing immediately.
  Special reminder: 1.
Do not eat for 2 hours before training. It is best to drink a large glass of water 20 minutes before class.
Wear sweat-absorbing and breathable clothing.
Practice two to three times a week, not too much.
Replenish the electrolyte in stages during the exercise.
If you feel unwell during the exercise, stop it immediately.

How to remove forehead acne with ginkgo and aloe


How to remove forehead acne with ginkgo and aloe

The acne on the forehead is generally due to artemisia leaves and lack of sleep, and stress. How to remove the acne on the forehead?

Let ‘s take a look at the methods to effectively remove acne on the forehead.

  Ginkgo quick acne cleans the face with warm water before going to bed, and after deep cleansing, use the ginkgo seeds removed from the shell, cut into flat surfaces, and massage the area where acne is applied.

Remove the used part while rubbing, usually 7-time acne can disappear.

  Aloe vera method: Take fresh aloe leaves, wash them and cut into small pieces. Peel and massage the acne on the forehead with aloe meat. The acne will disappear about 2-3 times a day.

  For those who have acne on their foreheads, they must ensure sufficient sleep for 8 hours anyway. Good sleep can eliminate toxins from the body at night, so that no acne on the skin will appear, so in order to have whitening skinAnd good health please go to bed before 12.

  What to do if you have acne on your forehead?

If you are a long-haired MM, then I recommend that you use shampoo and cleansers to rinse them out.

If you have acne on your forehead, cut your bangs short, because dirty hair bacteria may infect your skin, which is not helpful for skin care and acne removal.

  If you are a beauty MM, then you may like makeup, clean cosmetics, it is very helpful for acne skin care.

Keep pillow makeup (such as puff, brushes) clean and use your own set of cosmetics.

  In addition to not eating fried foods, temporarily avoid soy sauce or heavy-colored foods, so that melanin does not enter the mouth, and the light taste is also healthy for the body.

Take more dietary fiber to prevent constipation. Once the toxins don’t accumulate on the skin, acne will naturally not appear.

Get acne from the inside out.

  Drinking water in portions helps the body replenish water at any time, and also helps the body to metabolize bad substances quickly.

Active intake of vitamin C and vitamin B is essential for human nutrition.

Whitening skin strengthens the skin’s resistance, and acne naturally will not come to your door.


Global Eye Care



Global Eye Care

I am very happy to find that, whether it is friends around or netizens, more and more attention is paid to the maintenance of the eyes, but most of them are buying eye cream blindly, and thought that as long as the eye cream is applied to the eye area,Lines, dark circles, bags under the eyes will disappear.

In fact, if you want to do more with less, you have to cooperate with the corresponding massage method.

In order to have a pair of bright eyes for the new year, I will take the opportunity to teach you two sets of eye massage techniques to get rid of the dark circles under the eyes, and you can purchase eye cream in a targeted manner, including your electric power!

  Massage can be swollen eye care is good, pay attention to eye skin care in different seasons.

Eye skin is thinner than face, only about 0.

5mm thick, it needs to be carefully taken care of, and the temperature and relative humidity in winter are lower than in other seasons, it is easy to cause water loss in the skin of the eye, and care must be taken care of.

Drinking eight glasses of water a day is sufficient in summer, but nine to ten glasses are recommended in winter.

In addition, eating more foods rich in antioxidants such as grapes, kiwis and a moderate amount of red wine can help, plus a moderate amount of massage to promote blood circulation and edema. If the intensity is moderate, the gestures and directions are correct, which can improve eye problems.Definitely help.

  Inserting the eye pattern in the opposite direction in daily life, small habits that we tend to ignore, such as long-term side sleep, vigorous makeup removal, cheek support, etc., will exacerbate the formation of eye patterns.

Want to further solve the trouble of eye lines, now teach everyone a French pinch massage method, remember to press from the end of the eye in the opposite direction to the head of the eye, the pinch gesture can help nutrient penetration, for fine lines caused by dryness and lack of water.

  Step 1 for eye line massage: first apply an appropriate amount of eye cream to the ring finger of both hands and rub gently, relying on the heat of the fingertips to accelerate nutrient penetration.

  Step 2: Use the ring finger and thumb to pinch, and gently squeeze the belly from the end of the eye to the head until the cream is completely absorbed.

  Anti-wrinkle product Sampar EyeRule Anti-Wrinkle Eye Pencil: To be determined / 10ml contains ingredients such as raspberry extract and peptides, which can moisturize the skin while reducing wrinkles and expression lines.

  Lancome 3D Shaping Eye Cream: $ 440 / 15ml ¥ 560 / 15ml has 6,500 cortical firming micromolecules, which can enhance the contour of the eye and reduce eye lines.

  Impression Beauty Multi-Effect Eye Repair Cream ¥ 720 / 15g can effectively solve the troubles of the skin around the eyes and moisturize the mellow eye repair cream.

Calls for tension and transparency in the eyes.

  MTM Custom Blended Eye Cream Price: $ 530 / 15g Among them, Wild Mountain Ginseng Extract and Glass Lettuce Oil can help fight eye lines.

  SkinMedica TNS Night Eye Repair Cream: $ 840 / 14g contains patented formula and other ingredients such as vitamins A, C, E, etc., which can promote collagen proliferation, improve, prevent and cure stubborn eye lines.

  Snow frozen eye cream stays all night in the eye bags, sleeps poorly, sun exposure and drinking too much water will make dark circles and bags under the eyes, because the dark circles will worsen due to the accumulation of pigments due to the sun, the application of eye cream does not prevent the use of sunscreenApply to eye area or consider wearing sunglasses.

In addition, deep eye bags and dark circles are usually caused by poor blood circulation. Teach everyone to clear the lymph through massage and take away the accumulated waste. Every morning, with the frozen EyeGel massage for 1-2 minutes, you will be certain for some time.It works.

  For dark circles, eye bag massage method Step 1: Flick the belly with the ring finger from the end of the eye to the end of the eye, and do 5 times each for the left and right eyes to take away the accumulated waste.

  Step2: Then press the temple 5 times with the ring finger to stimulate the lymph nucleus.

 The third step: then drag down with an unnamed finger until the ears, or even the neck, take away the waste.

  Remove dark circles, bags under the eyes uraMurad Moisturizing Eye Gel Gel: $ 470 / 15ml Ingredients include Mediterranean seaweed extract, allantoin and caffeine, which help to soothe the eyes and have a deedema effect.

  Christian Dior Revitalizing Eye Serum Price: $ 600 / 15ml ¥ 720 / 15ml Contains biochemical peptides and ruby ?
?extracts, which mainly dilute dark circles and reduce puffiness.

  Glycel Eye Serum ATE content: $ 840 / 15ml contains soy protein, wheat protein, carrageen and hyaluronic acid. Continuous use can effectively eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes.

  LaMer The Eye Concentrate When Repairing Eye Cream: $ 1500 / 15ml ¥ 1800 / 15ml Among them, magnetized hematite and bright yeast can significantly reduce dark circles and puffiness.

  ?H2O + Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex Cream: $ 320 / 15ml The main ingredient is active peptide protein, which effectively repairs the collagen tissue of the eye skin and reduces eye swelling and bags under the eyes.

Oxygen decompression

Oxygen decompression

With the expansion of the college entrance examination time, more and more students are making appointments to the hospital’s hyperbaric oxygen chamber to supplement pure oxygen to improve learning efficiency and quality.

Experts said that oxygen inhalation into the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is not suitable for everyone, and the more times the better.

If long-term excessive oxygen inhalation may cause disorder in the human body environment, and even “oxygen poisoning” occurs.

  Candidates are in the period of growth and development, their metabolism is strong, they need to consume longer oxygen energy, daily heavy homework leads to excessive brain use, coupled with long-term “driving at night” leads to lack of sleep and reduced exercise, which affects the oxygen energy intakeInto.

Experts say that the metabolism of brain cells is aerobic, and only when the oxygen supply is sufficient can the brain cells function better. Any lack of oxygen supply will affect brain cell metabolism, leading to memory and understanding, Reduction of reaction power, calculation power and logical reasoning ability.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the body’s breathing oxygen in a high-pressure environment. By increasing the partial pressure of blood oxygen in the arteries, the blood oxygen content is increased, the blood supply to the brain is improved, and the function of the cerebral cortex is enhanced.

For those who have headaches, dizziness, nervousness, mental retardation, memory loss, and insomnia, it can indeed improve symptoms and improve learning efficiency.

Erosion of the obese skin over the years

Erosion of the obese skin over the years

Eye skin is the thinnest skin of the human body, and it is also the most alternative part of the activity. It is also the place where the skin is pulled the most in makeup. It is very easy to grow wrinkles, and it is difficult to eliminate once it grows.

In fact, the maintenance and care of the beautiful pupil is not a troublesome thing. In order to refrigerate the beauty and smooth the marks, you need to give the eye skin a thorough awakening, and let it erode significantly over the years, and be absolutely faithful to you.

  Everyday articles even ordinary faces, as long as they add a pair of glittering eyes, they will immediately look bright.

The skin around the eyes is very fragile, and the epidermis and dermis are no more than 0 in total.

55 cm, and the biggest muscle around the eye is a round smooth muscle tissue without any elasticity, called “orbicularis orbicularis muscle”. We need to blink our eyes tens of thousands of times a day, and constantly squeeze to make the corner of the eye appear first.Small fan-shaped creases, or “crow’s feet”.

Unless you are able to practice the miracle skill of “do not blink in N minutes”, with age, the skin of the eyes will relax and wrinkle, which are all sunken.

SO, although I can’t teach you the “not blinking power”, but once some good habits are formed, the puberty of your eyes can be extended and then extended.


Bright eyes and good pets are not born. If you are a girl who needs to sit in front of a computer screen for a long time, dropping a drop of eye drops is a good way to relieve eye fatigue, and it is also necessary to keep eyes bright and hydrated.


You should know that beauty is sleeping out. It is important to give the eye skin extra rest time.

The irregular schedule of going to bed late and getting up early will often make the eyes swollen, and the condition of the “national treasure” appendage will occur, so at least 8 hours of rest should be given to your eyes every day so that it will not followYou rebel.


Comrades who travel frequently pay attention to the fact that the dry environment on the plane is inferior to the air conditioner in the office, and the equipment for hydrating is irreplaceable.

Because of work, I often need to fly around in the air, just to replenish my eye skin during the flight time, not only pass the boring time, but also give others a good impression of radiance when getting off the plane.Not happy?


Everyday I wear heavy makeup, so be sure to choose waterproof mascara to keep yourself away from embarrassment.

Even with heavy eye makeup like smoky makeup, try as little as possible, because removing it is too laborious, even if you gently wipe it, it is equivalent to using N + 1 for delicate eye skinNewton’s force pulled it.


Eye exercises are not only used to “protect the eyesight for the revolution”. Every day you take time to do eye exercises, protect your eyesight while massaging the skin of your eyes, and you can also relive the naughty memories of your childhood.


The expression is rich and cute, but the large-scale movements like the heroine in the idol drama or the little cutie in the cartoon are still a little less. It is easy to scare others and increase the “orbicularis orisThe workload, of course, I’m not teaching you to be dumb, calm down, there’s nothing wrong with ladies.

  Problems First Aid Black circles, bags under the eyes, small fine lines, etc. These unwelcome bad guy groups are the number one enemy of the eye skin. If you are unfortunately patronized by them, do not worry, there will be a solution to it if there is a problem, happyLelai teaches you a few tricks for first aid, and if you practice well, you will become an invincible “beautiful person”.

  Tips for your dark circles 1. Massage: Promote blood circulation around the eyes and lighten dark circles.

Always use the correct method to massage: start from the bridge of the nose, gently place the eyelid with the middle finger, press from the inner corner of the eye to the end of the eye, and gently raise the corner of the eye with your finger, double-tap, and then use the ring finger of both handsThe middle finger and index finger “play the piano” in the opposite direction around the lower eye area and temples.

  2, ice hot compress method: choose two special eye masks that can be heated or cooled, one is placed in the refrigerator to cool in advance, and the other is heated in the microwave oven for half a minute, then heat the eyes for 5 minutes; then take out the cold eye mask in the refrigerator, iceApply to both eyes for 5 minutes to accelerate blood circulation and relieve dark circles.

Or apply your eyes with a cotton pad dipped in fresh milk every morning and evening.

  If you give small bags under the eyes every night before going to bed, if you can use the viscous liquid in the vitamin E capsule to impact and massage the skin around the eyes for a period of time, it can eliminate the lower bags and reduce the good effect of aging.

If you drank too much alcohol or water the previous night and caused eye swelling in the early morning, you can use hot towels to cover your eyes to promote blood circulation in the eyes, then dissolve a spoonful of salt in water and soak the cotton padsAfter compressing moisture, apply it on the eyes for several minutes, which can quickly and effectively relieve puffy eyes.

  Give you tips for fine lines 1.

Use skin care products with a high volume and special eye care products to moisturize and repair the eye skin.


Eye massage exercise: Step1: Combine the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and three finger pads and rub repeatedly to get hot Step2: Follow the eye frame to tilt the eye area for 3-5 seconds Step3: Then apply to the eyes through the finger temperatureAbout 5 seconds, it helps blood circulation to eliminate soreness of intraocular pressure and eliminate toxins deposited around the eyes.

  Learn to take care of your eyes and start with eye cream!

Five myths about using eye cream: 1.

Eye cream is only used after 25 years of age. For most officegirls, it is inseparable from the work of the computer for a moment, and the leisure time overlapped by newspapers and film and television discs, coupled with the increasing use of heating and air conditioning, this life is eye-catching.The muscles in your body are exhausted. Maybe wrinkles come to meet you early before the age of 25.


The cream can replace the eye cream. The skin around the eyes can be divided into other skins. It is the thinnest stratum corneum in the skin, and the skin glands are less distributed. It cannot tolerate excessive nutrients.
Therefore, the most fundamental purpose of eye cream is to quickly absorb it, nourish it properly, and never use oily face cream instead of eye cream to add more burden to the eyes.

Eye cream can cure crow’s feet, eye bags and dark circles. Many people use eye cream because the first fine lines appear on the corner of the eye, or the eyelids are swollen, and there are obvious dark circles or bags under the eyes.

But for wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes, using eye cream can only prevent the eyes from aging more quickly, which is equivalent to “fixing the dead sheep”.

Therefore, the best time to use eye cream is to prevent wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles before they occur!


The eye cream is only used at the corner of the eye because the crow’s feet appear on the corner of the eye, but do you know that the upper and lower eyelids age earlier than the corner of the eye?

Don’t neglect the maintenance of the crow’s feet with no visible corners because of symptoms.

And because the skin on the eyes is extremely thin, too much eye cream can not be absorbed, but it will cause a burden and accelerate skin aging.

So just use “two” of mung bean size at a time.

Remember, apply eye cream first and then cream. When applying cream, be sure to avoid the skin around your eyes!


All the eye creams know the essence of the eye cream in the same way, and often someone goes to the cosmetics counter, picks an eye cream of satisfactory quality, packaging, and price, and takes it away.

Initially, it was very wrong. The types of eye cream are very rich, and they are targeted at different ages and different eye problems.

Before you buy eye cream, you must first understand that you have some kind of eye problem, and then buy it on demand, you can save the unjust money and not solve the “face” problem.

  There is a big brand called DIY Yeast Eye Mask, which prepares 20 grams of yeast powder. You can find alkali powder in supermarkets. You can find the place where the flour is. Dissolve a suitable amount of vegetable oil and apply it to the eyes. After 20 minutes, wipe off with warm water and pat with cold water.Wash and do it once or twice a week to clean, remove wrinkles and prevent aging.

  Tea eye mask 1.

Dip two tea bags (except black tea) in cold water and keep your eyes closed for 15 minutes, once a week to prevent dark circles.


Soak the tea in hot water, let cool, and soak the eyes with cotton pads for 15 minutes, twice a week to remove the bags under the eyes.

  The milk eye mask is soaked with cotton flakes in iced skim milk and placed on the eyelids twice a day for 10 minutes each time, which can effectively remove eye bags.

  Tremella eye mask will boil tremella into thick juice, put it in a refrigerator and put it in the refrigerator. It only needs 3-5 drops for each use. It can be applied to the corners of the eyes and around the eyelids once a day.Of flexibility.

  Regarding daily maintenance: 1, women should pay attention to avoid using too many eyes, often overlooking the landscape, especially green plants, can relieve visual fatigue and make eyes beautiful.

  2. Do not rub your eyes with your hands.

  3, make-up, care should be gentle movements, do not pull the eye skin.

  4. Avoid bad expressions.

  5, often do eye care: If you make eye mask, use cucumber slices to paste your eyes, or use iced cotton slices to cover your eyes, you can make the eyes and eye skin nourish and protect.

  6, usually should also drop a few drops of eye drops to nourish the eyes, you can make your eyes more beautiful and moving.

  7, diet should pay attention to eat more collagen supplemented foods, such as eggs, pork elbow, fish head, and vitamin A foods to protect the eyes, such as sheep liver, strawberry, animal liver and so on.

Measure your bad temper index

Measure your bad temper index

Please answer honestly, and then check your bloom: 1. How many times a week are you usually angry?

  No one time (0 points) no more than 2 times (1 point) 3 to 5 times or more (2 points) 2. Of the 1 to 10 emotional levels, 10 is the highest intensity. Assess your emotional level.

  1-3 (0 points); 4-7 (1 point); 8 or more (2 points).

  3. How long do you generally lose your temper?

  No more than 10 minutes (0 points) no more than 2 hours (1 point) no more than half a day (2 points) Now if you add your noise to a total score of 0-1, you do n’t have a temper problem or you are not very goodEvaluate yourself.

  If the total score is 2-3, you may have a slight bad temper, and you should learn to calm down.

  If the total score is 4-5, you already have a certain bad temper. You should consider asking for help.

  If the total score is 6, you are suffering from an extremely bad temper, and you should seek help before hurting yourself and others.

  6 signs show that the situation is serious. If you have any of the following signs for more than a month, you may need to seek help from an expert: 1. No food or things make you satisfied; 2. You often cry for no reason; 3, about the pastPassionate activities that you ca n’t even raise at all; 4, you feel that your personality has undergone a major change (for example, from being extremely neat and cluttered); 5, you are becoming more and more accustomed to people and things around you.

Learning to teach at age, buy books for babies

Learning to teach at age, buy books for babies

According to the development of the brain and the brain, the baby’s requirements for books at different times are very different!

If the mother accidentally gives the wrong book, the baby may refuse to read, making the original happy reading time unharmonious!

Therefore, it is important to master the principles of choosing books for babies at different times.

  Books from different periods and different ages. Buy “baby-proof books” made of cloth or non-toxic plastic before the age of one. These books are easy to clean and disinfect.

Babies prefer simple, clear, and colorful books.

In particular, books with obvious patterns and temporary text can most effectively improve your baby’s language development level.

Books with simple rhythms, pictures of plants and animals, and smiling faces of dolls are most popular.

  Buy sturdy cassette books for your baby at the age of 2.

Give your baby a look at a serious nursery rhyme book or a fairy tale book with a simple plot.

  Choose a story book with a rich plot for your baby at the age of three, especially those with special annotations for simple text.

Show your baby an intellectual book that involves brain and hands-on practice.

  Inspirational and instructive books such as daily norms and orientation concepts should also be prepared for babies.

  Reading methods in different periods Parents’ love for reading will infect their babies. Moms and dads must first become good readers and set an example for babies.

Before the age of 3, the baby’s reading method is basically parent-child reading, so the leading role played by parents here is very important.

  Read aloud certain stories from newspapers, magazines, novels, poems or fairy tales to your baby from the age of 1 until he was born.

What the mother reads is not important to the baby. What is important is the mother’s voice and the parent-child time you spend together.

Let your baby touch the books as soon as possible, the sooner the better, and make the books a part of your baby’s life.

Snuggling with your baby to study together will make reading enjoyable and make your baby feel that reading is actually a very interesting thing.

  At the age of two, the mother first looked at the picture with the baby instead of the text.

Having your baby describe what he sees can improve his language skills.

When he learned how to listen, he started telling stories.

Let your baby flip the book on her own.

He may skip a few pages, or read a book upside down. Do n’t worry that he wo n’t read “correctly”
and let him fully enjoy the fun with the book.

Read books every day.

Your baby may be distracted from time to time, but will return soon.

As he learns to sit down and listen to his mother reading, his mother must be patient.

When your mother is reading a book, hug or cling to him.

Fill a small basket or bucket with books.

When it’s time to read, let your baby pick two or three books he likes.

  Reading at a fixed age.

Set the time before your baby goes to bed or sometime during the day, choose a comfortable and quiet place where you can read and discuss a book together.

Remember to do this every day!

  Let your baby improve his reading ability at his own pace.

Don’t force him to read without preparing him.

Lay him in a fun way.

For example: “Can you tell me what is written on that brand?

“Find some picture books without text, and let your baby practice speaking pictures.

  Find materials for learning together and recognize text.Babies can find learning materials in newspapers and magazines, food packaging, advertising, coins, shopping lists, etc.

Men practicing yoga may be more than enough

Men practicing yoga may be more than enough

Weakness is very important in the early stages of yoga. However, when the fatal movements become more fatal, the requirements for strength are fulfilled. Many movements are almost impossible for women. Therefore, most international yoga masters are men.

  Weakness is very important in the early stages of yoga. However, when the fatal movements become more fatal, the requirements for strength are fulfilled. Many movements are almost impossible for women. Therefore, most international yoga masters are men.
  Yoga has attracted much attention as one of the most popular fitness programs nowadays, but after walking around the yoga hall, some people will find that it has almost become a world of women.

The misunderstanding of yoga makes many men stumped, but in fact yoga is not a women’s project, and the benefits of men practicing yoga may be more.

  Men practicing yoga must first break away from the misconception that it is a feminine sport. Yoga seems to be slower in movement speed, slower in rhythm, and relatively softer, but in fact yoga is more prominent in breathing methods and letting the bodyTips for entering a state of calm.

Men’s flexibility is not as good as women’s, so it’s not very fast at the beginning of the introduction, but through the deepening of practice, it will be found that due to the increase of physical discomfort, men may get more benefits from yoga and their physical strength will become moreWell, the mentality will be more peaceful.

  Most women practice yoga in order to maintain or obtain a more perfect figure. In addition, they care about whether they are beautiful when they do their movements. Men’s aesthetics of movements are not very prominent, but they can better understand the true meaning of yoga.

How white-collar men reduce waist circumference

How white-collar men reduce waist circumference

Office white-collar men are in danger of gaining weight.

Sitting in the office for a long time, lacking exercise due to work stress, and seeking comfort from food or alcohol because of depression, these are the reasons why white-collar men lose their figure on the college campus.

In addition, your weight and the stress you experience will form a vicious circle: most people are prone to overeating under stress, indigestion and overweight, so they are more vulnerable to depression.

Some people think that “heart wide body fat”, gaining weight is a carefree performance.

From a psychological point of view, it is not without reason, which is one of the reasons why most men are like balloons after being married.

Although men do not advocate “skinny beauty”, getting better is not a good thing, at least you do not want to see your belt buckle through the mirror.

  Men’s fat-prone parts are different from women’s, and “beer belly” is the biggest headache for young men.

The average man has about 30 billion minority cells, and these cells become heavier as they get older.

Therefore, almost all men are heavier than they were after the age of 30.

And his genes, hormones and slowed metabolism have an effect on cholesterol.

However, beer belly is not sustainable, you will look better if you remove it, it will be more plentiful, and it will relive.

  Losing weight is actually changing your exercise and eating habits.

No matter what job you are doing, aerobic exercise such as cycling, running, swimming, walking is the best way to consume the body’s transformation.

It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it makes your heart beat faster for at least 20 minutes.

It has been scientifically proven that losing weight can’t eliminate just a part of it, while leaving the rest unchanged.

So weight loss can’t be anxious.

  In fact, there are always ways to exercise: don’t look for parking spaces in the overcrowded parking lot like vultures look for prey, put the car farther away and feel the fun of walking; walk into the building, do not take the elevator, climb upstairs by yourselfGo; 去 Take a walk without hesitation during the break, refuse coffee, Coke, because walking can make you clearer than any kind of drink.

  Men are too fat, and their illnesses are coming. High blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc. come in line.

Come to the heart understanding package for the college entrance examination

Come to the heart understanding package for the college entrance examination

4 points suggest to deal with the irritability before the test. Host: The distance from the college entrance examination is getting closer, but many candidates feel that the tighter the time, the more they will not review.

What should I do if I can’t concentrate?

  Gan Luchun: The human brain is like a memory. When a large amount of information is taken out in the replacement, a processing process is needed.

If not processed, new content will be difficult to store.

Many college entrance examination candidates are experiencing super-intensive, forced learning, and their brains are already saturated.

Therefore, under the current circumstances, no matter how hard you work, the efficiency will not be high, and you will not even be able to focus.

Therefore, in the previous college entrance examination, you should learn to give up, give up some of the content that has been reviewed in the past, it is estimated that the content of the opportunity is small, the main attack may be a large part.

Take time to rest your brain and extract a lot of memories.

Therefore, those who do n’t review will have to give up.

  Suggestion: Go beyond the college entrance examination and relax is the best study.

Build self-confidence and firmly believe in your own abilities. As long as you play normally, it is a guarantee of success.

  Moderator: Many candidates appear irritable, and they are always “annoying, ignore me”. What should candidates and parents do at this time?

  Gan Luchun: The college entrance examination is a high-intensity competition. When people’s physical fitness, intelligence and perseverance reach their limits, it will affect people’s emotions and cause worry and tension.

You must pay attention to adjusting your mood before the college entrance examination. If you can’t adjust your emotions, it will directly affect the performance and performance of the exam.

Learning to control emotions is very important. Only “Qingding Shenning” can achieve good results.

As the saying goes, “If you take it, you must take it first.”

In advance of the college entrance examination, parents should avoid talking about it, and try to reduce the content related to the test as much as possible, and avoid comparing the status of the candidates with other students, which will stimulate their nerves and affect their emotions.

  Suggestions: 1.

Be careful not to lie on it, or fill your brain with the content of the exam, as it will not help the sprint;

Cope with ease, as usual; 3.

Avoid combining your future with the college entrance examination, and avoid thinking wildly; 4.

It’s good to be distracted and move some of your power in a light and pleasant direction.

  Moderator: During the review of the college entrance examination, it is likely that former good classmates will become conflicts. Coupled with some irritability caused by stress, there will be some discordant factors in the relationship between the classmates. Then, will the adverse changes in this relationship during the review?Will it affect the normal development of the exam mentality?

How should I adjust my psychology?

  Gan Luchun: This situation will be seen temporarily as the review comes to an end.

First and foremost is the comparison mentality.

The college entrance examination is a big test, and it should be compared to candidates of the same grade in the country, rather than focusing on classmates.

This kind of short-sighted behavior is not conducive to review, and even worse to the examination, and should be resolutely eliminated.

  Diarrhea as soon as the exam arrives, what to do if the mind is blank Host: Some students have stomachache or diarrhea when they have to take the exam?

  Gan Luchun: If you have a past history of stomach pain or diarrhea as soon as you pass the big test, then you must pay attention.

Because your autonomic nerves are over-excited and affect the body, we call the main body worry, which can also be called irritable bowel syndrome.

This disease will directly affect your examination status, and even fail to complete the college entrance examination, which will have a profound impact on you.

  Suggestion: Take a little medicine, try to take Xindai tablets every morning, middle and night. Take half a hour of alprazolam tablets (0.

2 mg) has a certain effect, such as in the afternoon can also be used as before.

You can also hurry to the nearest hospital for consultation.

  Moderator: As soon as some students enter the examination room, what do they do when they see that the test paper is suddenly blank?

  Gan Luchun: This is a symptom in examination phobia.

Two methods to solve.Suggestions: 1.

Deep breath holding method: After entering the examination room, look at the desk with both eyes, inhale, hold your breath for 8-10 seconds, exhale vigorously, and shake your hands.

Repeat twice.


Serving Dexan tablets one tablet each morning, middle, and evening; if they still exist, take alprazolam tablets half tablet (0. half an hour before the test).

2 mg), fast and effective.

  How to do regular holidays during the exam days? Host: For many female classmates, they are most afraid of regular vacations during the exam days, but sometimes the more they care about, the regular vacations will be earlier or possible.

So how should female students deal with this issue when menstruation is coming, and how should they adjust their mentality if they really happen to have a holiday?

  Gan Luchun: Physically speaking, female classmates do have more concerns than male classmates.

When the holiday comes, there will be some psychosomatic reactions, such as emotional tension and abdominal pain.

Excessive and nervousness may occur if you are walking normally. Try to relax and calm down.

If you have dysmenorrhea, you can take some analgesics, or the proprietary Chinese medicine for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It is also useful to apply a hot water bottle to apply a compress.

  What should I do if the candidate has poor sleep? Moderator: Some students have insomnia before the test, can’t sleep at night, and are sleepy during the daytime review. What should I do?

  Gan Luchun: Sleep is the key to good results. Poor sleep is related to high test pressure, long-term high-intensity study, and excessive brain use.

Sleep well at night, naturally sleepy during the day, and favor a vicious cycle.

If you still have difficulty falling asleep after relaxing through your mind, you can start taking alprazolam tablets half a night before going to bed from now on, so that you can fall asleep for 6-8 hours every night.The effect can be added to a grain.

  Relaxation methods that can be adjusted before the test Moderator: Can you take appropriate and appropriate relaxation methods before the test?

For example, going out to parks and the like will relax or affect review and exams?

  Gan Luchun: You need to relax before the exam. Without relaxation, unstable mentality will affect your performance. Normal relaxation will only be beneficial, not harmful.

But it should not be too loose, otherwise it will be difficult to concentrate when facing the examination.

Suggestions: 1.

Appropriate leisure, such as listening to music, playing chess, and watching movies; 2.

Excessive physical activity; 3.

Visit the park with classmates, chat with teachers, expand understanding and exchange information; exclusion can relax.

  Beware of mental fatigue caused by excessive review Moderator: Many candidates are fighting at night and always feel that there is no place for review. Is this mentality obsessive-compulsive?

Will it cause fatigue both physically and psychologically?

  Gan Luchun: The more you go beyond the college entrance examination, the more you feel that time is running out.

Some classmates have no goals, catch what to review, and choose to fight at night. I think that although the attitude is commendable, the effect is not necessarily good. It is just an anxious instinct.

Not compulsive.

However, because it consumes a lot of time and experience needlessly, it will cause half the result with half the effort and is not desirable.

The correct method is to review strictly according to the study time, focus on the possible penetration, review the mainstream of the subject, and give up the less important aspects.

  How to adjust the mentality in the face of ups and downs of the test and moderator Moderator: After understanding the test results, how should parents and teachers guide candidates who have good performance in normal times but have abnormal test performance?

  Gan Luchun: The test scores are related to the usual results, but they are also full of variables like the playing field.

The role played on the spot is a supplement to the review and is also related to luck and physical condition.

Even when the world champion misses, let alone ordinary people.

After getting the test results, make a comprehensive evaluation. If you are really too far away from your usual results, you can consider “re-doing it again” without fear.

It may be the psychological quality that tests oneself again, not the achievement itself.

  Moderator: Before the college entrance examination, there will usually be several mock examinations. If there are fluctuations in the results at this time, how should parents and candidates treat them correctly?

  Gan Luchun: Some people say that the college entrance examination is like a high jump. It doesn’t matter if you jump three times before.

It is important to summarize the experience.As long as the last hop is successful, everything is fine.

The mock exam is an opportunity for you to discover and solve problems.

Therefore, the horrible thing is not the mock test, but not the problem that cannot be found during the mock test.

I should be glad to find it.

  Questions from netizens: Children usually study well, and they are always worried about the mutation in the entrance exam. How can I do work?

Please advise!

  Gan Luchun: Teach the children to meditate more about the process of each subject in a quiet environment, or ask the child to close their eyes and talk about the process until they are familiar!

  Correctly use psychological cues to get good results. Moderator: Many netizens report that the later, as long as one or two are found to be impossible, candidates will not have a fear mentality, and think that there will always be problems that do not arise, causing mental tensionWhat should I do in this case? Should I give myself some psychological hints?

  Gan Luchun: The college entrance examination is a competition. No one can remember everything. Others understand this. You know where it is.

If you find that the small place will not, you should choose to give up. It is not a pity that you will be nervous for a longer time.

This decision can bring greater opportunities for the college entrance examination.

It’s like renovating a house, it’s big, and what kind of painting!

A vase!

It doesn’t matter.

  Moderator: Is proper psychological suggestion necessary if you want to play normally and get good results?

How should the psychological suggestion be made correctly?

  Gan Luchun: Normal play is based on understanding of one’s own situation.

The deeper the person who understands, the better he will play, and his grades will naturally be better.

Before the test, psychological suggestion is indispensable. You must imply yourself and believe in your ability. Second, you need to imply your sober mind.

For example: I will do it, it will be better than usual; I will be fully absorbed in the test.

  Questions from netizens: I am afraid to see the pens of others around me during the college entrance examination, to hear other people ‘s breathing and other sounds, and to fear that the teacher at the supervision field will be around me when I get nervous and dizzy.

  Gan Luchun: Focus your attention on the test paper, take a deep breath, and then hold your breath, suggesting that you should forget the interference around you and do it with your heart.

  Do you have the right answer when you leave the exam room?

  Moderator: In fact, the psychological problems of the college entrance examination also involve the completion of each subject. Some people are anxious to answer the questions with their classmates after the exam. Then a series of emotional problems will occur, affecting the next exam.How should I try to adjust my mindset?

  Gan Luchun: The college entrance examination is like an iron man competition. You have multiple projects, and each project will affect your final score.

You must grasp your strengths, but you must also know how to allocate experience and energy.

After completing any test, you must forget it temporarily, rethink it again, not respond to the answer, always keep your brain calm, and at the same time take a good rest, so that you can recover your mental and physical strength as soon as possible and prepare for the next subject.

  The previous test was not good. Use imagination to adjust the mentality. Moderator: If you feel that the first test is not ideal, how should you adjust your mentality so as not to affect the next test?

Should there be a prior preparation for a psychological transition between exams?

  Gan Luchun: The examination is the entire process. It is best not to think about the subjects that have passed the exam, and focus on the next subject.

When one subject is finished, you should immediately proceed to the preparation of the next subject. The most efficient preparation is to imagine in advance, from the entry of the examination room to the opening of the examination papers, marking, how to conduct the examination, how to check, until the submission of papersOverhead.

Doing what you know will help you play on the spot.

  How to adjust the host during the sprint stage: Many candidates report that they have poor self-control and like to play computer and watch TV. They are always calm when reviewing. How can they hold themselves and review in the final sprint stage?

  Gan Luchun: Self-control is a character that has been cultivated for a long time. Without strong perseverance, there will of course be a psychological phenomenon of confusion at the most critical and tense moments in life.

Grasping your chance and sprinting successfully at the last moment is your life experience.

No matter how annoying you are, no matter how unconscious you are, as long as you think of “just this time” and imply that you are working hard, you are worthy of yourself.

With this in mind, you will ruthlessly throw the TV and computer away.

  Moderator: How to build confidence during the exam?

From a psychological perspective, is self-confidence one of the psychological problems?

  Gan Luchun: You must know that there is no self-confidence in the college entrance examination. Self-confidence is a spiritual motivation. It is based on the actual situation inside itself, not compared with other people.As long as you know your situation well in the exam, you will be able to take on the challenge with vigor and achieve victory.

  Parents do more than five and less, which positively affects the candidates. Host: Is it possible that parents are more likely to be worried before candidates take the test?

Does the status of the parent directly affect the status of the candidate?

  Gan Luchun: “Looking for a child” is the wish of every parent. After raising eighteen or nine years to wait for this moment to come true, it is indeed very tense and worrying.

Some parents become embarrassed because they are overly worried, such as repeatedly asking questions, cooking a lot of dishes, walking back and forth at home, etc. This will not cause candidates to be in a state at all, but will directly affect and even infect the mood of candidates, which is not good for the college entrance examination.

  Moderator: How should parents adjust themselves so as to have a series of positive impacts on candidates?

  Gan Luchun: For the college entrance examination to expand, parents should do a good job in logistics and strive to create a good environment for candidates.

This environment also includes parents’ psychological adjustment.

First of all, you must keep a certain distance from the candidate and try not to interfere with his study time as much as possible. Even the reminder should be simple and have more free space.

As a result, encourage more and criticize less; talk more about good things and less about bad things; suggest more leisure things and pay less attention to exams; show more scenes of happy life in the future, and lessen the relationship between exams and the future.

I believe that children can be treated correctly, and I believe they will be able to pass the test.

  Netizens ask: My child wants to give up this year because he feels the foundation is not strong. What should I do next year?

I want him to fight again, don’t give up lightly, how to persuade?

  Gan Luchun: Your child only wants to give up because he is afraid of the test result. Tell him that the result is not the key. The key is to gain experience and let him rest assured. No matter the result, the whole family supports him!

  Netizen asked: After the examination room layout came last year, a child found that the examination room, the examination room and the seats were not satisfactory to him, the result was somehow annoying, and the final examination failed. Please ask the director to talk about how the parents should adjust this situation.

  Gan Luchun: Every year there are mistakes in the layout of the examination room.

This requires candidates and parents to arrive at the scene 1 hour in advance. It is best for parents to check and recheck within the feasible range. Candidates do not need to worry about it. Prepare for the “not ideal” mentality before the exam and try to take time to rest.

I think that candidates who are prepared can face any change.

If you do find an error, don’t panic, obey the arrangements of the invigilator, “people are tempted”.

  Is it good for the parents to accompany the test outside the test room? Host: Will the parents wait at the door during the test, will it affect the examinee ‘s psychology?

Should parents wait outside the exam room?

How to make judgments and choices based on candidates?

  Gan Luchun: The examination requires environment. Different candidates have different mental states. If you have a weak personality and often need the care of your loved ones, it is still better to have parents present, which is a kind of spiritual comfort; if you are more independent and have a personalityFor fear of trouble, parents still keep their distance as well.

  Moderator: In order to express their encouragement and recognition to their children, some parents will choose to find the personality of the child before the test and express their expectations and confidence in the child. Is this necessary?

Will it give the candidates the expected pressure?

  Gan Luchun: I think that it is possible for parents to talk about expectations before the test, which can only increase the psychological burden of the candidates. There is no need.

If you want to talk, you should talk with a counselor or psychologist from a professional perspective.

You know, the students who take the college entrance examination are already adults, and they have the ability to take responsibility.

  Master the degree of psychological tightness after the college entrance examination. Host: We found that two weeks after the college entrance examination is the time when candidates are most prone to psychological problems. Some candidates feel liberated, and the string of psychological tension is suddenly broken. Will there be some kind of result?Physical problem?

how to respond?

  Gan Luchun: The psychology before and after the college entrance examination can be described as “the two days of ice and fire”, that is, the gap is very large.

Questions that do not worry about coming to the exam will emerge after the exam.

Some students will suddenly feel empty-headed, doing nothing, and feeling sad; some students will be worried and imaginative because of the test results; others will be insomnia and irritable because of the sudden relief of stress and excitement.

Therefore, the relaxation after the college entrance examination must also maintain a certain “slope” and slowly lift.

  Moderator: Review, exam, after the exam, there are a lot of stresses that need to be relieved. Is there a proper venting method that candidates can use?

  Gan Luchun: Review, the stress during the exam phase can be moderate relaxation, such as listening to music, drawing, calligraphy, playing the piano, chatting, etc .; after the test, you can do some intense sports, or carry out, you can also deal with the conditionsTravel.

  Moderator: How can candidates and parents adjust their mentality in the face of the drop?

Something is wrong and worth watching?

Is it possible that the wrong treatment of parents and candidates can cause serious consequences, such as the phenomenon of resignation if candidates cannot accept it?

  Gan Luchun: Every year, people fall off the list, but no one wants to be themselves or their children.Now that the candidates have done their best, losing the list should also reasonably accept the reality.

Parents should not blame, and candidates need not be guilty.

Life is diverse and there are thousands of ways in life.

You can choose to repeat, you can go to a vocational school, or you can directly enter the society.

For decades in life, who is happier than anyone can be replaced by temporary setbacks, and it is not possible to escape reality with light life.

  How to eliminate the impact of the earthquake on college entrance examination candidates Moderator: Since the earthquake, the college entrance examination candidates in the earthquake area have also received everyone’s attention. Then, the college entrance examination candidates in the earthquake area and nearby areas, especially those who are injured or killed, should be adjusted.Welcome to the college entrance examination?

  Gan Luchun: The great earthquake has caused great damage to the hearts of the people in each disaster area, and it takes time to dissipate the rest of my heart.

For college entrance examination candidates who have been injured or have lost loved ones, it is a huge life test.

Psychologically, it is necessary to face the erosion of pain; and we must concentrate our efforts to prepare for the college entrance examination.

The pressure is imaginable.

I think that the college entrance examination candidates in the disaster area should still assume a positive attitude, so that “the dead rest, the rebirth is more courageous”, organize your mood, seize this opportunity, and do the last blog.

For the victims and wounded in the earthquake, stimulate your potential, prepare for the sprint, welcome the college entrance examination, and greet the most memorable moment in your life.


Re-evaluate the status of each subject to make up for key points and weaknesses; 2.

2. Communicate with teachers, grasp information changes, and avoid “buying your head and not looking at the road”; 3.

4. Communicate with classmates, encourage each other, and help each other, and get rid of the shadow of the earthquake as soon as possible; 4.

Pay attention to the combination of study and rest, and strive to improve the efficiency of learning; 5.

To ensure good sleep quality, if there is still insomnia (difficulty falling asleep, light sleep, dreaming in the middle of the night, etc.), you should take a small amount of anti-anxiety drugs under the guidance of a psychiatrist to let the brain rest well.