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[Grey hair do n’t worry, these kinds of foods let some grow out slowly]

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[How to make Xiaogan rice wine]_How to make_How to make

[How to make Xiaogan rice wine]_How to make_How to make

Xiaogan rice wine can be said to be very famous. Many people come to this place in order to be able to drink Xiaogan rice wine. In this way, they can drink the most authentic rice wine taste. However, some people still do it because of the easier work.I chose to learn how to make this kind of rice wine at home. In fact, the method is relatively simple, but the most important thing is to master the proportion of my own formula.


Rice wine dumplings: rice wine round rice: using high-quality white glutinous rice as raw materials, processed into glutinous rice flour after water immersion and water milling, and kneading water milled rice flour into small round rice for later use.

After the above-mentioned white glutinous rice is steamed, it is expanded and yeasted in a certain proportion. After a few days, the flavorful, sweet and glutinous rice wine is completed.

Bring the water to boil, and wait for it to float to the surface. Add rice wine, sugar, and egg syrup, stir well, and sprinkle it with sugar and osmanthus.

2. Rice wine Tremella: 25 grams of dried Tremella.

100 grams of glutinous rice wine and 400 grams of sugar.

Cooking method: 1. Soak the white fungus in warm water, remove the black roots, wash the sediment, soak the hair with boiling water to make it slowly swell, simmer it with boiling water, remove it and put it in a bowl, add boiling water,White sugar, steamed in a basket.

2. When taking the dishes, pour the steamed white fungus into the pot, add glutinous rice wine and boil, adjust the sweetness, and put it in the bowl.

The special soup is thick and sweet and nutritious.


Cherry rice wine: 250 grams of fresh cherries as main ingredients, 75 grams of rice wine, 10 grams of fresh peas, 200 grams of white sugar, and 0 sweet-scented osmanthus.

5 grams.
Cooking method: 1.

Wash the cherries, remove them, top them with a toothpick, and keep the shape.

Stir the rice wine with chopsticks.

The peas are boiled in boiling water, cooled in cold water, and drained.


Set a wok on the fire, simmer 600 grams of water and boil, add rice wine and stir well, add sugar, cherry, peas, sugar and osmanthus, boil, skim the noodle soup, remove from the heat, and pour into the soup bowl to serve.

Process key: 1.

For sweetness, add a little salt, instead of freshness, add salt, it is sweet but not greasy.


Skim the floating foam after boiling, the juice is clear.

Flavor characteristics: 1.

Cherries are also known as peaches.

There are many varieties, such as Zhu Ying, Zi Ying and so on.

Rice wine cherry appeared as a beet of high-end banquets. One was timely, and the other was sober, which won the favor of diners.

Because this dish is accompanied by fresh peas, it looks like agate (cherry), jade (pea), and broken jade (rice wine).


The dishes are red, green and white, sweet, as sweet as honey and slightly sour.


Rice Bone Fishbone: This is a strange alternative. The edge is from a smart fisherwoman housewife at the seaside. Typical southern cuisine is, to be precise, typical Ning cuisine.

The remaining fish bones made from fish noodles are marinated with distiller’s grains from wine making, and the two kinds of “waste” are kneaded together to cultivate a delicious and long-lasting delicacies that men will never forget.

When family life is facing the most embarrassing but most unavoidable emotional crisis, it is necessary to get this strong tilt, tightly tighten the muscles of men, so that they do not forget the original.