[How to make baby food quail eggs]_Children food_Production method

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[How to make baby food quail eggs]_Children food_Production method

[How to make baby food quail eggs]_Children food_Production method

Quail eggs are very familiar to many people. Although the quail eggs are relatively small in size, the nutrients in them are no less than those in eggs. The quail eggs contain a large amount of phospholipids and high-quality protein and protein. Regular consumption can supplement the body.The required nutrition, and the baby’s complementary food can also be made into quail eggs, which can be cooked and steamed before serving.

The baby’s complementary food eggs and quail eggs are the best ones. It is best to add eggs at the beginning, and you can only add egg yolks. Do not add egg whites to babies under one year old.

But in life, you still need to decide whether to add eggs or quail eggs according to the actual situation of the baby.

Because the same weight of eggs and quail eggs contain essentially the same nutrients, there is little difference.

To say the difference is mainly manifested in four aspects: 1, the content of vitamin a in eggs is more than four times that of quail eggs.

2. The content of B vitamins in quail eggs is more than that of eggs, especially the content of vitamin b2 is twice that of eggs. It is a coenzyme for biochemical activities and can promote growth and development.

3, quail eggs contain more cholesterol than eggs.

4. Eggs with higher phospholipid content in quail eggs.

The content of protein, feces and glucose in eggs and quail eggs is basically the same.

Quail eggs can promote the growth and development of young children.

Of course, different groups of people can still be treated differently.

For example, children under 6 years old can choose to eat quail eggs, 3-4 quail eggs per day (3-4 quail eggs are equivalent to one egg), because the content of phospholipids in quail eggs of the same weight is higher, which helps childrenBrain development.

Elementary and middle school students have a heavy learning burden and use more eyes. They can choose to eat eggs, about 2 a day. The content of vitamin a in eggs is high, which is good for vision development.

How to determine if your baby can add complementary food 1, weight: the weight needs to be doubled at birth, at least 6 inches.

2. Insufficient food: For example, the baby could sleep all night until dawn, but now often cry in the middle of the night, or the sleep time is getting shorter and shorter, and the number of breast milk replacements increases to 8 each day?
10 times or 1000 ml of formula milk, but the baby is still in the state of mortality, crying for a while, and want to eat after a while.

When the baby has an accelerated growth period around 6 months, it is the best time to start adding complementary foods.

3. Development: The baby can control the head and upper body, can hold or lean on it, the chest can stand up, the head can stand up, the baby can indicate whether he wants to eat or not by turning his head, leaning forward, leaning back, etc.This prevents forced feeding.

4. Behavior: If someone eats next to the baby, the baby will study, and may come to grab the spoon and grab the chopsticks.

If the baby puts his hands or toys in his mouth, it means that the baby is interested in eating. The main ingredients are quail eggs, the right amount of ingredients, the sesame oil, and the right amount.

Step 2 2. Put in the steamer, steam for 8 minutes on high heat, remove, and drop a drop of sesame oil.